Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9th

Oy vey!  I'm just a few days behind!  Can't believe it is already the 9th.  Where does time go?!?!

Well, on Monday, I was so stressed having to get out my quarterly reports for the school district.  I worked on them pretty much all day.  But thankfully, they are done and over with for another 9 weeks.  If these reports get approved, then it's awesome cause all I have to do after this is just change a few items each time.  And won't have to stress over it much anymore!  YAY!!!

Yesterday it seemed crazy busy.  Jesse worked overtime, for which I am always grateful for such a hard working guy who does as much overtime as he can to help us with our goal of getting out of debt.  But, he didn't work until the evening time.  But I just woke up feeling blah.  Got the guys school done, and usually by that time I am just wiped out.  But last night I got to talk to a couple friends of mine.  And that just always makes me so grateful.  It is absolutely wonderful to just jump on the phone with them and we can just share the good the bad and the ugly without fear of condemnation.  But knowing we will pray for each other.  Those phone calls always bring a tear to my eyes as we are on the phone just praying for one another.  I am humbled at how I see how God in HIS infinite wisdom brought one friend into my path for a seemingly short time, but we kept in touch via facebook, and now through her, God brought another friend into my life.  You know, the way God works is just so awesome.

And today, I woke up feeling so much better physically than I have in a while.  But I have a little bit of a heavy heart.  There are just some things going on with some people in my life that hurts.  But I'm ever so grateful for such a kind, compassionate Saviour.  He has experienced all that I am.  And that is so comforting. 

Today, I am grateful for a knowing, loving, comforting Saviour.  HE gave up EVERYTHING to be humbled and to live a sinless life on earth so that HE could die a most excruciating, painful, humiliating death so that HE might spend eternity with me.  ME!  Of all people, I am most unworthy.  But, I will never cease to praise HIM for HIS kindness and grace to me.  Okay, okay, to all you guys too!  ;)

What are you grateful for today?!

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