Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ay, yi yi!!!!!!

At least, I think that's how it's spelled!!!!!!!!

Phew, I've been a busy little chica!!!!!!!!!!!
It's summer, so Xavier is out of school, which means, he's home a little more, which means another one underfoot, but he is a big help, if he sets his mind to it. Granted, they do play outside ALOT, which does help me accomplish stuff, but nevertheless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I love it! And I've gotta get used to it since he's gonna be homeschooling next year!!!!!!

And Suzanne, my sister in law, has been having to work at the smoothie shop alot more lately, so we've been helping them out by watching their 4 (yes, I said 4) alot more lately!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I started my job at Belden's jewelers last week. I like it, but I HATE having to leave my 4 guys. I'm just hoping I can make enough to get some stuff paid off and to save some money for our upcoming trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse is doing good at his job, he wishes it were more exciting, but he'll survive.
Tucker is already talking about school next year. He's excited, yet SCARED. He's already said that he wants to start when Xav does ~ which he will cause we should receive both of their dvd sets at the same time. Xav has said that he wants to start as soon as we get them in July! He LOVES homeschooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Tucker feels the same way!
Gunner is REALLY cantakerous. But, I love him to bits. He is saying so many things. It's amazing. Tucker really didn't say anything until he was over 3. So it is fun to hear Gunner say full phrases and he's not even 2!!!!!!

So, there's my little update on my busy hectic life. I will try to be a better blogger!