Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17

Today, I'm grateful for the library. 
I took the boys today ~ apparently they need to have library skills (even though outside of being forced in there by me during their school years, they won't ever darken the doorstep again).  And I have to tell you ~ I had so much fun today with them today! 
Do you know how long it has been since I've been to a library?  WAY. TOO. LONG.  This one is super duper nice.  I taught Xavier how to look books up on the computer catalog.  Although I was kind disappointed that they still don't have the whole card in a drawer catalog.  And teaching Tucker how to locate the numbers.  And getting free books to read :D  Now, the trick is getting them to read them! 
So, it was a GREAT school day. 
And I think I have to say that I'm not grateful for the Library more than what it provided for me today.  A chance to get out of the "school house" with my "student children" and just go to a different environment and teach them so fun stuff!  I'm thinking that we are going to make a monthly if not a bi monthly trip out of the library.  It's awesome!

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