Saturday, July 28, 2012


I am just ever so in awe that I get the awesome opportunity to be a MOM to not just 1, 2 but 3 little men.  I am SO blessed.  Here is a picture of my blessings

Today, my baby {did you hear that ~ my BABY} turned 4 years old.  I can barely wrap my mind around that.  It doesn't feel or seem right.  And it certainly isn't FAIR.  I spent Friday night just going through my pictures of when he was born on facebook.  Oh, he was a little fighter!  He was my monster baby ~ 7 lb 1 oz. preemie.  And even though he was in NICU for 8 days, at the size he was born at, I'm really grateful he was born early.  Phew.  But, he was the favorite with all the nurses in NICU.  He was a flirt even then!  Here are the links to my fb albums with a few of those pictures in it:
Gunner1  Gunner2

Oh, how I wish I could just swaddle him in a blanket like back then :'(  He was such a good sleeper from the moment we brought him home.  He was so used to the hospital room ~ quiet and dark!  I kept him in a bassinet in my room for about a week for ME not him.  And when we put him in his room in his crib ~ he slept through the night.  Oh, such a good baby.

But, alas, he is no longer a baby ~ and he makes no bones about it, telling me that he is a big boy and I should not refer to him as a baby.  But, he is!  Oh, how he is my baby.  

Here is my Baby today ~ he currently has a Spiderman obsession.  But look ~ his head is taller than the sofa.  NOT. EVEN. RIGHT.

So, last night we had to get the "dining room" ready for when Gunner woke up.  He's been obsessed with his birthday this year.  Maybe its his age, but I really don't recall my other 2 being this obsessed.  It was cute.  So, I HAD to do it up decent.  So I made a web out of streamers on the ceiling.  And Xavier and Tucker helped me out immensely.  Xavier was my "on top of the table" guy.  Tucker was the confetti spreader.  But, oh, it was just really annoying me {just the hassle of decorating}.  And I was getting frustrated and just grumbling.  Which I shouldn't have.  And I realized tonight that "little pitchers have big ears".  

Xavier, before he went to bed, offered to stay up to help me 'undecorate' but I told him he could help me tomorrow afternoon.  Then we were talking about what he wanted for his birthday {obviously, Gunner's theme was Spiderman}.  I try to decorate for each person's birthday.  And Xavier, bless his little heart, said he didn't want me to have to decorate for his birthday.  Talk about feeling about 2 inches tall.  Oh, I never want my kids to feel like their birthday is not a big deal.  And I told him that when they each made their appearance into my life, they forever changed my life and it was a big deal.  And that they deserve to have a big deal made of them!!!!!!  Now, we don't throw extravagant parties, most of the time it is just the five of us doing anything they want to (within reason).  They get to choose what they want for their birthday dinner and I decorate ~ I try to do something out of the ordinary!  Because they are worth it!!!  

This is the web that Xavier and I were putting up.  UGH.  Worth it, though, because Gunner ADORED it!  

So, I'm thankful for little men and birthdays!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Dinner

So I had decided that in the month of July ~ I would challenge myself to cooking dinner at home all month long.  I hate cooking, but it is so much cheaper cooking at home, even though, I think I could eat out EVERY SINGLE DAY and not get tired of it.

So, I decided that I would cook every night.  And I would try to remember to document it!  So far, the documentation has not been there.  But the first 2 nights have been at home :D  July 1st was Spaghetti, July 2nd was southern smothered steak and rice, with boiled cabbage.
Tonight, I plan on taking pictures!  So stay tuned for the pictures and post!