Sunday, January 31, 2010

A wonderful Lady I miss

It's been a while, and this won't be too lengthy cause it seems these days are so busy for me, doing what I don't rightly know!

Today is a day that I wish I were somewhere else. A very dear lady to me ~ Mrs. Carole Hanson ~ passed away Thursday morning, and her visitation is this afternoon, and her funeral is tomorrow. I wish I were there. In south Florida. But I can't. And that makes me very sad.
Mrs. Hanson was one of the deacons wives in our church in Pembroke Pines. But she was more than that. She was the Harvesters sunday school teacher ~ when she was gone (on vacation or just not available), I had the privelege of subbing for her sometimes. But she was also our ladies meeting ministry head. She was also an encouragement, to not only me but every woman who had the pleasure of crossing her path.
I can't recall ever hearing a negative thing come out of her mouth! She was such an awesome example of a Godly wife, and mother ~ I felt some kinship with her as she also had 3 ornery boys! She gave great wife/mother advice! I loved hearing her tell her stories about the struggles she had learning to be submissive or learning to be a better mom! It was always so evident in her life that she was a Christian and that she wanted to be better at it!
She loved music. For every theme in our ladies meetings she always came to me asking to choose a song for that quarters theme. She loved to sing. She also chose some beautiful songs to sing in groups and there's one thing I regret ~ she asked me at one point to transpose a song for her, and I never got around to doing it, but she never got on my case about it.
She had such a heart for children. You know, some people, as they get older get to where they don't like kids as much as they used to. Not her, I think the older she got, the more she loved being around them. I'm proud that I was able to work with her on things like sunday school stuff and vacation bible school. She is one of the women I emulate on so many levels.
And on this day, I wish I was able to be down in Florida with my church framily that I love and able to share in the grief and celebration of such an amazing woman. I miss her. I have found myself weeping off and on since she graduated to glory. I know she wouldn't want any of us to weep, but our hearts grieve that her presence is no longer able to be physically with us. I am so grateful for her legacy of love and faith that she leaves behind her. And I am rejoicing to know that she is with the Saviour she loved so much. And I admit, I'm a bit envious that she got to spend this Lord's day in HIS presence. Such a precious thought! She is in glory worshipping at HIS feet today. And I know that she is glorifying HIM for all HE has done for her! But I miss her! And I will! And I miss her family! They are very dear to my heart! If any of you read this, please know that my thoughts and love and prayers are with you all throughout this day and the next and so on!
Mrs. Hanson ~ we who come behind you ~ FIND YOU FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

A song that I have been singing alot lately:

Heaven's Sounding Sweeter all the Time

Life has been so good, I can't complain....
When I'm down, God gives me strength to rise again....
I get weary from the struggle of it all...
That's when I listen, how I listen for His call....

Heaven’s sounding sweeter all the time
Seems like lately, it’s always on my mind
Someday, I’ll leave this world far behind
Heaven’s sounding sweeter all the time

Oh, it's hard to lose a loved one to the grave...
But we have the blessed hope that Jesus gave....
God's will wipe the tears from our eyes...
When we meet in that land beyond the skies....

Heaven’s sounding sweeter all the time
Seems like lately, it’s always on my mind
Someday, I’ll leave this world far behind
Heaven’s sounding sweeter all the time

*okay, I just tried to post a youtube video of the song ~ here's the link ~ copy and paste it if you'd like to hear it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow, it's been awhile!

Hey! I realize that I haven't posted in what seems like forever! Life has been so hectic since my last post.

We had an awesome Christmas. It was wonderful having my parents here. They got here the Friday before Christmas, and on the Monday after they got here, Jesse took us to the Carousel Mall in Syracuse. That was fun.
Jesse worked the evening shifts so he wasn't around for all the family get-togethers. On Christmas Eve, we didn't do much of anything in the morning time. I wrapped presents while Jesse and my parents and the boys were out finishing up their Christmas shopping. Then later that evening, my boys, parents and I went to Jesse's Aunt Terry's for a wonderful ham dinner. Jesse's siblings and families were there as well as Aunt Terry's 2 sons and their families. Such fun! We sat around, stuffed our faces, played games and just chatted. It was great.
Then it was off to put the boys to bed before Santa's visit. He sure was good to them this year!
I was shockingly the first one up on Christmas morning and had to drag the boys out of bed ~ I think I need to do DNA tests to make sure they are MY kids! But we did get the presents opened and they got what they asked for PLUS SOME! And so did I! I got an awesome coach purse from my sister in law Suzanne ~ and I spent the better part of the morning "molesting" that purse!!!!!!!! And my parents got the boys and me a WII!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting one since the new mario brothers game came out, so we have been enjoying that too. We got lots of other cool stuff, like personalized plates and mugs from my other sister in law Kayte, cash from my inlaws ~ what's better than that! and Jesse got me clothes and hair stuff and Tucker got me a toaster!!!!!!!! So all in all a great Christmas as far as getting. I never feel like I am ever able to give enough, but I do what I can. Next Christmas, we are going to adopt a family and get them presents and all the fixin's for the meal and try to give in that way too!
Our New years was pretty ordinary. Jesse again worked, so me and the guys went over to my inlaws to stuff our faces and play games. Got home right before the ball dropped and watched that and went to bed!
Jesse has been making resolutions and his big one which I gladly jumped on board of was to get as much (if not all ) of our debt paid off.
And now, we are just trying to get our house back to normal! The Christmas decorations are down and though it looks a little bare in our corner where we had our tree, it's nice to have it clean and fresh looking!!!!!
Hope you're holidays were joyful and filled with blessings like mine!