Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Wow ~ how bad am I?! I start the week out saying I was going to post something everyday for which I am grateful. THEN I forget! So let me catch up ~~~~~

Monday ~
Grateful I didn't break my leg ~ but, I did post I was grateful Xav was in a real school!!!!!!

Tuesday ~
I was grateful my sister in law Suzanne took Xav to school, because I woke up pretty sore, and totally didn't feel like getting the other 2 monsters up and out.

Today ~
I'm grateful that I'm God's child. I'm grateful that HE loved me enough to give HIS ONLY SON to take my punishment. I am grateful that HE is merciful, gracious and most loving and compassionate and that HIS mercies are fresh and new every morning. I know I will never be able to thank HIM enough for all HE has done for me, but I hope that I live my life as a living testament to HIS mercy and grace! Phil. 3:10

Here's a video of gunner being crazy!!


On Monday, Xav had his first field trip ~ hiking to the top of Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain. I decided I wanted to go, so I did. Tucker and I crashed in on the field trip and it was beautiful. BUT ~ it made me realiz how out of shape I am. But I MADE IT TO THE TOP. A little slower than the others, but I MADE IT! And it was beautiful. It was a little cloudy at the top, but a little lower we could see the finger lakes and the trees were changing and it was absolutely gorgeous. Once I dig my camera out of my purse I will post pictures.
Tucker did better than anyone there. He only stumbled a couple times. It was cute! Me ~ I did okay going up, coming down a different story. I fell about 3 times. The first time, I was certain I broke something, but didn't. I'm still feeling the effects of it and today I am so stiff. It was very sweet cause the first time I fell and about broke my leg, I kept telling him, go on ahead, I'll catch up, just want to take a minute to rest. But Xav sat down with me and said "mom, I'm not leaving without you". He is such a darling good kid!
But Xav had such a good time, and I am grateful that he gets to be in "a real school". And he didn't mind his clutzy mom and kid brother tagging along either.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just some more Pictures

Here are some more pictures of the family!


Hey, everyone!
I'm so sorry for not having updated my blog recently! I have been busy, busy busy!!!!! I will also post pictures!

Well, as I sit here, I have one window and the front door open. The others are closed cause it is rather chilly here. And I am listening to the beautiful sound of a lovely fall rain. I'm so excited ~ IT'S AUTUMN!!! I have my house all decked out with my fall decorations. It's so purty, if I do say so myself!
This is my favorite season, and always make me stop to count my blessings. I think that from now till New Years, I will post one thing a day that I am thankful for ~ and it may just be a one liner, but I am determined to get it in.
Sometimes, I get too caught up in the frustrations of day to day living that I stop to be grateful for the big and little blessings.
Today's blessing ~ feeling/seeing the beauty of Autumn. The colors, cool temps, the smells. I just love it. I love cooking warm stuff like beef stews and making apple crisps. It's so comforting to me. And I am especially grateful for it this year, it being our first autumn after having no autumn in Florida. I pray I will never forget and will always be thankful that God saw fit to move us to beautiful Central New York. Thank you, Lord!!!!!!!
Now, about the fam!
We are finally settled, though I am still organizing things.
Jesse is still working at Precision Polish and not liking it any better, but his boss is good to him and we are just grateful he has a paying job. He's also in school and not enjoying that none too much either, but is determined to persevere. Although, I must say it is kinda easy for him, seeing as I am the one doing his papers and such ~ :) But, I don't mind, he works long and hard so it's the least I can do!
Him and his dad also got the basement done for my laundry room. It is so nice to have laundry facilities and not have to drag everything to my inlaws or the laundromat. And Jesse has made it very nice down there for me. He's a sweetie pie!

Xavier is LOVING going to school. And he is doing rather well. I think it's been so very good for him. He usually has a little homework every night, but that isn't too bad! He does get out at noon so he is usually done by 3 with it all! And I think he is getting used to getting up early {though, his momma doesn't like it much}. And he is getting to be such a big help around the house. We give him chores to do, and he's getting better at it all the time ~ he likes when we don't have to "pay him twice" to do a job. He gets better rewarded when it's done right the first time!

Tucker hates that Xav is in school, ~ sometimes. He does like having the Xbox 360 all to himself. But even that gets boring after a while. We are working with him on his speech. And it is getting better slowly but surely. And he can draw rather well. His favorite thing during the day is "getting homeschooled". I got him some of those preschool workbooks that he does just to try to get him ready for school next year, and he's doing a mighty fine job, although, he only wants to do the fun stuff, but not the tedious like learning his letters. Oh, well, I try not to push him too hard; I do want him to enjoy school later on!
Gunner is just such a cutie! He is FINALLY walking. I am going to try to post a video of it so ya'll can see his first faltering steps. And he's learning to talk some. We got him (or I should say, Jesse got him) to say Thank you and You're Welcome. He's such a ham. He likes to put buckets on his head and crawl around with them on while he's talking. He LOVES how it sounds and he will just crack himself up. Q-T-PIE!!!!!!!
I am just busy trying to keep up with everything. I am officially on a diet which I loathe. It's sad when you wake up in the morning and your skin hurts and you realize that it's because it's stretching to accomodate the things you are feeding it. I'm hoping I can do well with it. I am not known for my grand will power with food, or consistency to do my workouts the way I should. But, here's to trying!
And on the other hand, I am trying to start baking more and trying new things for the family. And I am already salivating over the thoughts of the Thanksgiving meal. But anyhow! I am good otherwise. Happy. I love my family and I love where we live. I am just HAPPY!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I've got a autumn feeling

Hey! Today was pretty cool.
On the way to church, I saw a tree that started to turn the beautiful golds and reds. YAY! It's about to start being the most beautiful time of year.
And we had our first bonfire at my inlaws tonight after church. Roasted marshmellows and hotdogs and played with fire and all that jazz!
I took some pictures, but will post them tomorrow. We are going on a fishin' picnic for Labour Day. So I will soon post pictures of it all at some point this week!

Ta for now!