Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today has been a nice day!
Gramma and Grampa took Xav and Tuck to the NY State fair today and they are STILL gone! It has been almost like Mom's day off! I still had Gunner, but he's a pretty pleasant critter! It was nice to get to be with him by himself! He is a funny kid!
It has been such a loverly day! It was cool and not at all summer like! We have been having to break out some jackets and I LOVE it! And it's supposed to be like this at least through the weekend! Which will be nice cause Saturday, we are planning on going to the NY State fair. I am not as froggy as my inlaws so I doubt I will be able to be there from open to close, but if the older ones can do it, maybe (and that's a big MAYBE :) ) I can survive a few hours!!!
I am excited. Jesse has talked of the NY State Fair since we decided to move back here. So I can't wait to see what all his hub-bub is all about!
Jesse is getting ready to start school come Sept. 1st. I'm excited and nervous that he gets to do it! I don't know about him.
Xavier starts in "a real school" on the 9th. Which is super exciting for him. He can't wait!!!! But what he also doesn't know is that my mom will be taking a train up here for a few days. I plan on surprising the boys with that the day she gets in ~ gonna take them to show them the train station and voila Nana will be there! So fun! They will be beside themselves. And I can't even begin to explain how hard it is to keep this secret! But, I have never been able to keep this kind of secret so I plan to this time!
Well, I shall sign off ~ not much is going on ~ just everyday life! Finally we are almost settled!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here's some pictures

Per request ~ I have decided that since I cannot sleep tonight ~ I shall try to put up some pictures! Hope you enjoy!!! These first ones are just a test for me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting settled in ~

I know I haven't said lately (or probably ever for that matter) ~ but I am loving being in New York. I never really expected to, but I am so very glad we made this move. I
My boys are loving having their cousins to play with all the time. I love having my sister in law living above me ~ it makes things VERY convenient. If I have a quick errand to run, or if she does, we don't have to drag the kiddies out. Plus, it's fun to have dinner or dessert with them several times a week. I love that my boys can wake up and say hey, mom, can we go to gramma and grampa's today! I love being able to see his aunt and uncle at church and just talk to them whenever we want to.
The cons right now are that we don't have laundry facilities and it seems that laundry builds up SUPER DUPER FAST, and that we went from a 1600 sf 4/2 house to an apartment half that size, but it's bigger than I expected!!!!!! And we are very comfy here. Just can't wait to be able to start hanging up pictures and get these last few boxes out of here!!!!!!!!
I am so looking forward to the fall. From the way I understand it, we really get to start to feel fall in just a few weeks. I am so excited!!!!!! Last night at church, we were standing outside talking and caught a whiff of something burning (like an outdoor fireplace) and it just made me REALLY want fall!!!!! I can't wait to do s'mores with the boys and rake leaves and go hiking in the changing colors of fall!!!!
I know that Jesse is having more of a difficult adjustment to this change we have made. I think he misses his career as a police officer. He won't admit it, but I can just tell that he is down. He is thankful that he has a job, but I know he doesn't love it. And that makes getting up and going to work every day a chore, not something to look forward to. He is trying to get enrolled in classes for this fall, and I think that only with the job he has will be be able to ~ so, maybe once he gets started in classes, maybe he will end up appreciating his job a little more. I just hope that ~ even though come Sept. 30th, he would've still lost his job at BSO ~ he doesn't regret making this move.
Anywho ~ I am going to be starting on a weight loss program ~ I don't know how I ended up gaining so much weight in the last 3 months. Oh, wait, YES I DO. I am an eater when I am stressed and the last 3 months have been nothing BUT stress!!!!!! So, wish me luck as I attempt to lose a few pounds. And hopefully, it will just be the beginning and I can hit the pound mark that I'm aiming for!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, it has been a very long, exhausting, and hectic few weeks. We finally got moved and are practically settled in. We like it, my boys are LOVING it. Our apartment is below my sister in law and my oldest 2 love to play with her oldest 2. They have played outside all day almost everyday that we've been here. They LOVE it. And it's nice for me too!!!! :)

But since we have left, our church that we have been a part of has been going through a massive upheaval. I may not be there, but my heart still hurts for what has transpired. But I know it will all be worked out. But the thing that is breaking my heart the most is that I have been noticing that alot of crap has been strewn about and it is causing people to say UGLY things about people who were once considered part of the family. The family I so didn't want to leave has now fallen apart.
Just for the record, if we were still there, we more than likely wouldn't have stayed. We would've chosen to allow that church to be unified without my dissent. I kept my mouth shut for so long there about stuff we didn't agree with, but had no power to change because of the "powers that be", and maybe we should've pulled out a long time ago, but chose to stay whether we agreed or not ~ never over doctrinal stuff. But, that is neither here nor there.
But what bothers me the most is to see the people who have chosen to stay, throwing stones at the people who have chosen a different path ~ one that is best for their own family. It breaks my heart to see and to hear of the mud slinging going on. Sounds to me that some who have stayed have been drinking some koolaid that has been made with a special ingredient, but I digress. I still love all those people. It seems to me that they don't realize that when you take off the here and now glasses and look through the eyes of eternity no matter where we went to church, no matter who did what to whom, all that is gonna matter is knowing that no matter who you are your knee is gonna bow down and proclaim that Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God the Father. You will not be able to claim "I stayed so I'm better than someone that left." Or "I never wore pants so I get a better spot in heaven than so and so because they wore pants to church functions." Or, "I went to this college, so I am better than them cause they went to a different one." Or, I have a better talent, or anything. IT'S NOT GONNA MATTER. EVERY knee will bow. EVERY tongue will confess. Your works won't matter. It's not about you. It's about HIM and being in the best place where you can serve HIM. And it's in HIS timing and HIS placement. PERIOD.
So I just wish mud would stop being slung and people could just love one another despite where we go to church, or how we feel led by the Lord. Love each other for what we mean to another. That is something that I had to consider and something I didn't practice very well, but I strive to be better at that. All we have to remember is to look through the eyes of Christ and realize HE didn't always hang out with the religious. They shunned him because he chose to be the friends of people not accepted in their circles. We need to learn to be more like Christ. "A friend loveth at ALL times." True friendship is not meted out by where we attend church or things like that. If you were a friend once to a person, no matter what they do, or where they go, if you were truly their friend, you still will be.
But that's all I have to say to that issue!!!!!!!
I love you all very much and miss you each individually.