Saturday, March 27, 2010

A lot accomplished

Or, so it seems. To most, people would probably laugh at why I feel like I accomplished so much. But, my productivity level lately has been so low, that I just feel pleased with what I got done ~ I got my kitchen mostly cleaned (didn't sweep or mop) some laundry done, errands ran, and ........................Well, wow, now that I'm typing it, I guess I really didn't get hardly anything done. But, while Xavier was away at youth group ~ Gunner, Tucker and I got to sit on the recliner snuggled under a warm blanket watching some nature shows and we all 3 took a little cat nap, so maybe that accounts for the satisfied accomplished feeling ~ I got my nap in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are in the process of considering moving some things around in our house. Maybe moving into the boys bedroom, and them into ours. It would be a nice change, seeing as I think both Jesse and I are just getting an itch to move! Right now, we are living cheaply and so, able to pay off some bills that we had run up while living in South Florida ~ cause it weren't cheap living there. So, we'd like to stay in our apt. for as long as possible and live as cheaply as possible until we are completely solvent, then move when we can!!!!!!!!! Although, I really like our apt, even though it is small, it is cozy. AND, if we move our rooms around, I'm thinking we might be able to move a couple more pieces of furniture down and utilize them more, which means MORE STORAGE SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I guess we shall see.
One of my favorite hobby's is scrapbooking. I'll admit, I'm not the greatest at it, but I find it cathartic, but since we moved here, I have been unable to do any of it, but now that we are starting to settle in here and get some semblance of organization, I'm thinking I need to start scrapbooking again. I am setting a goal of starting on Friday. So I MUST have all my other house work done, so I can work on it after Jesse leaves for work. And maybe, just maybe I can get some accomplished, cause I have Ideas galore about how to do it, and not have to worry about packing it all away when I'm done, but we'll just have to see how that works out.
So, anyways...............I must get some more stuff done! TaTa!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I have this sinus stuff going on, and I haven't been feeling my best so I did almost nothing today. I got around to the dishes ~ which, if you read my previous posts, I consider that an accomplishment! But I didn't do what I really wanted to today.

Jesse and I started doing P90x. He loves it. He's all motto and all that and is just ridiculous about it. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate doing it, but love when it's done. But, I'll be honest, I haven't really given it my all. BUT, I can see some improvement. Which Jesse says (i'll paraphrase) to start exercising when you're a fat lazy slug, you will DEFINITELY see results. Don't get all up in arms. He was a great completely PC husband and never used the words fat lazy slug, but once it went past my ear drums, that is how my brain processed it for the simple fact that I have to tell myself that to even do this program HALFWAY!
So, anyhow, I was a sick dog ~ well, not really, just sinus stuff that made my head all full and gave me a massive pressure headache, then my arms got all achy and my legs, but I PROMISE. I didn't just slack off from them today. I was really hurtin'. but I plan (I mean, I will) do them tomorrow, and I will try my hardest to do better than half way. Maybe 3/4. I mean, heck, I'm seeing some pretty good results for giving less than 50% :D

Anyways ~ I started up late doing something last night that I usually only reserve for tremendously boring evenings (you know the kind, internets down, dvd player won't work, and all channels but this one won't get the right signals)I watched the healthcare debates on CSpan. And sometimes flipped back to FoxNews during the actually votes, cause I really don't like elevator music when I'm in an elevator let alone willing enduring it! So, I watched, and I just couldn't help myself but yell at the tv or clap at appropriate times.

John Boehner did an awesome job with his speech and some of the other Repubs who I caught making their speeches. They made me proud to call myself a Republican again. I've been quite an armchair ..................can't really call myself an activist, unless you can call yelling at stupid politicians who can't hear me through the tv activism. So it inspired me to become more involved other than making a few phone calls or emails every now and then. I need to become more involved in my country. The direction that my country is going is hardly my fault, but mostly my fault. I've been complacent. My philosophy has been, what does it matter in the end, cause, I'm gonna end up in heaven. But, if what is happening in my country causes me to fret, toss and turn, and my blood pressure to shoot up to unhealthy levels, then, maybe, just maybe if I do a little bit more, I can sleep better at night and know that what I've done is all I can do. So, I'm gonna be more involved. I don't know how, yet. I don't know what I'll do. But I want to do something more than be a lazy screamer at the tv. That way, if my country goes down the tubes, I won't have to wonder "what if I would've just got a little more involved".

So, on other fronts, Xav enjoyed a week off from school. Tucker enjoyed having Xav off from school. They pretty much played outside all week cause it was wonderful SPRING-y weather (woohoo). And Gunner pretty much cried all week wanting so badly to be outside playing with his brothers. So, yep, I was going a little bit crazy!!!!
Saturday night, Jesse worked his shift and pulled a double working the next shift on Sunday morning. He was EXHAUSTED and still is and he is working tonight (his regular night off) and pulling a double shift tomorrow ~ another night off. he'll be getting almost 40 hours of overtime this week which, let me just tell you is NI-HI-HI-HI-HICE (NICE). Which will go a ways in our goal of trying to get out of debt in a year-ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho.............I gots to get the other 2 guys in bed for the night so TA TA~~

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things I hate

My most loathed chore around the house is ~ doing dishes. I truly miss my dishwasher ~ He's at work today ;) Just kidding ~ Well, Jesse is at work, but I miss my dishwasher appliance.
Don't get me wrong, I miss Jesse when he's working. But today, I have a backed up pile of dishes and I am just sitting here watching tv with Gunner and the other 2 are playing video games. So instead of just doing them, I am dreadfully anticipating the actual doing of them! Do you have a chore like that? The rest of them, are neither here nor there, just a nuisance, but I can't stand dishes. I would love to be able to pay someone to come and do my dishes. The rest of the house, I will take care of, but dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho, enough of my complaining about housework ~ I'll complain about how fast my baby is growing up.
Lately Gunner has been wanting to sit at the table to eat with the rest of us, and not in his highchair. So I bought him a booster seat last night. It's so sad cause he's my baby :') and he shouldn't be that big yet. But he is.

So, I've decided that I haven't been doing very good with my Bible memory here the past few months, so I've decided that I'm gonna start today. And I'm gonna start with verses that apply to different issues I'm facing in my life. Right now, I'm starting on verses that deal with something I hate about my self. Anger. I get angry easily, so I decided to stop trying to change it myself, and realized that I have never truly laid it down at the foot of the cross. So I woke up this morning determined not to pick it back up as the day goes along. Gotta just keep that in my mind! Then my next set of verses are gonna be about contentment. I'm not a very content person, so I have a few things that I have to work on!

So, even though I hate to, gotta sign off for now, and get busy on my chores today ~ hated or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What are your favorite songs

to sing to your little ones?

I have so many! Each of mine have a song just for them. Some are plagariazed and add their names to them. Some are made up. And others I just love to sing to them!

This is the one that got me thinking about this. I always sing it to Gunner while I'm cleaning his nose out, or wiping it, or if he's just being one:

Boogers boogers in my nose
Boogers in between my toes
Boogers, boogers in my hair
Boogers boogers everywhere!

At bedtime, I made up a song that I then added a disney song to

Good night my love
I'll see you in the morning
Sweet dreams to you
The whole night through
Good Night, Good Night My loves

(and add the "Rainbow" Song {as Tucker calls it})
A dream is a wish your heart makes
when you're fast asleep
In dreams you can lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for you keep.
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your Rainbows will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
A dream that you wish will come True.

Xavier's song is Thank you Lord
Thank you Lord for Xavier my son
Thank you Lord for this little one
Thank you Lord so Precious to me
I'll be the best Mom that I can be

Tucker's is (people from where I went to college should know this tune)
I love you Tucker Jay
Oh, yes I do
I don't love anyone
Like I love you
When you're not with me
I'm blue
Oh, Tucker Jay I love you

and the alternate one for Tuck is because of his nickname Tucker Duck:
Tucker Ducky, you're the one
You make my bath time so much fun.
Tucker Ducky we're awfully fond of you
Tucker Ducky, you're the one
You make my life time lots of fun
Tucker Ducky we're awfully fond of YOU!

And Gunner's song is one I made up:
Gunner Ethan is our Guy
Gunner Ethan is our Guy
Gunner Ethan is our Guy
He's our guy born in July
Gunner Ethan is our Guy!

And of course I love to sing tons of other songs with them ~ mostly songs we learned at camps or VBS or in school!

Songs are just so fun! My favorite all time little kid song we learned at Junior camp this year: Cast your burdens, upon Jesus, He cares for You. Just a cute song with about a gazillion verses that are equally cute! I love to hear kids sing, so sometimes I force my guys to just sing for me. And they love it when I have the cd's going in my truck, they sing along and it is encouraging to me to hear my guys sing songs and begin to grasp the messages of them. My favorite that I love to hear them sing in the car is on my blog playlist ~ Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns. It is also one of my faves of all! IT's a good'un.

Well, I must sign off for the night. I wasn't a very motivated cleaner of the house today, so I need to try to get something done before Jesse gets home from work tonight!

Peace, love and blessings!♪♪♫♫♪♪