Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6th

You know, I have so much to be thankful for everyday!  And I find it most difficult at times to narrow it down to one a day!
But, today, I am thankful for the church we have found here.  It's big ~ I don't know hardly anyone there yet, but I will.  It's totally different than what either Jesse or I grew up in (it's a Southern Baptist church ~ gasp ;)  ).  It's contemporary ~ oh, the music in this church is so AWESOME.  {Music I guess you could say is how I best worship my Creator}.  I love that every week at least one song just brings me to tears knowing how unworthy of God's grace that I am, but still I get it!  WOOHOO!  I'm so glad that when those words touch me, I can raise my hands in abandon and just praise my Saviour.  IT'S AWESOME, Y'ALL. 
But, I'm most grateful for the Sunday school class that I found to be involved in.  Today was my first Sunday in it.  It is led by our pastor's wife, Kathy Aubrey.  She chose the newest Beth Moore Bible study for us to do.  And just this first week in it is so spectacular.  Beth Moore has some awesome studies, from what I hear, but this is my first, and let me tell you, I am planning on doing more! 
This Bible study is on the book of James, called Mercy Triumphs.  This first week we are learning about the beginnings of James' life.  And it is spectacular.  I'm not gonna spoil it for you, but just what I came away with today is that even though Jesus' family (James was his brother) wanted him to "go public", Jesus didn't come to be a public figure, but a personal Saviour.  And that no matter what we've done ~ every need in our life, every mistake, every misjudgement, every wrong was/is in our life for a reason.  And that is so it could make a space for grace!  WOW.  that is life altering. 
So, today, I'm grateful for a church that I get to be a part of, participate in, and just get fed in! 

And seriously ~ you should look into this Bible study.  IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!

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