Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Traditions

What are some Christmas traditions at your house? 

For us, we don't have too many "must do" traditions ~ besides a tree.  But we do like to watch movies together.  Tonight, we are watching Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer.  I love it.  I just love the horrible claymation, bad audio, and all that.  That is truly what makes it a classic.  I hope they never remake it and not show this one.  It is awesome.

We also do Santa in this house.  I LOVE Santa.  And I am not ashamed to admit that "I believe, I believe.  I know it's silly, but I believe."  Although, I haven't gotten a good present from him in years.  What's up with that?!  ;)  Sheesh, my guys get some pretty kickin' stuff, but none for me for several years.  But, no, that doesn't affect my belief in Santa!  I love him :)   My guys still leave cookies and milk out every year.  I'm not sure how much longer Xavier will believe, but he's still there, but I think he's on the precipice of "knowing". 

Now, all that said, my guys know and LOVE the real meaning of Christmas.  We all know that the only reason we have anything to celebrate is because of the Babe in the Manger so long ago.  And we love HIM so much more!  Right now in school, we have taken a break from the major curriculum and are doing a Christmas unit study ~ studying what life was like back when Jesus was born.  We are using it for our geography, history, reading, spelling and vocabulary.  I am also supplementing an astronomy study for science.  My favorite authors ~ Brock and Bodie Thoene ~ have done exhaustive study about the star/stars the wisemen followed.  And we are using that.  Did you know that thanks to some awesome computer programs you can see the same sky that the wise men saw?!  I think that is totally awesome. 

Thursday we are getting our Christmas tree.  I hope.  It's supposed to snow.  And I hope so.  This is the only time of year that I want snow.  And lots of it.  It just makes it so festive to traipse through a field or lot to find a Christmas tree.  I love the smells of the tree.  Since we have lived back in NY, we have only had real trees.  We didn't have room to bring our pretty pre-lit fake tree when we moved, so I'm glad we live someplace to get gorgeous real trees! 

Well, anyhow, when we get our tree, I will try to get pictures posted!  Wishing you very blessed moments leading up to Christmas!

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Amanda Kay said...

Christmas traditions are so fun! Growing up my family had several and a few we still manage to do- for one Christmas eve we do a seafood dinner which we all love and Christmas Dinner is always Prime Rib which we all also love. For Christmas morning we go around the room by age and take turns opening presents- it takes FOREVER but it's so fun and everyone can see what everyone else got.