Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th

You know, I'm really horrible about keeping up on a daily basis. 

But, I have so many things to be grateful for ~
Tonight, I am thankful for a nice warm dry place to live.   It may only be 57* out, but it is rainy (for me a wonderful Autumn rain) so it makes it feel chillier (is that even a word?!).  And I know there are so many people out there who don't have such a nice place to live as I have.  It is big enough for us.  We have all of our (way too) many belongings under one roof with room to spare ~ even though at times I will admit to having ungrateful thoughts such as, I can't wait till we can get a bigger place ~ I'm grateful for it.  My husband had to talk me into it.  I had my heart set on a couple of different places ~ single family homes ~ but he is ever so wise.  We discussed the pro's and con's of them all and he eventually convinced me this was the place for us.  And I'm grateful! 

It's a townhouse in a fairly large housing community.  But on our block, there are so many kids!  And my guys just absolutely LOVE it!  They play outside all afternoon, most days.  And it is a safe neighborhood.  And I am grateful!  I'm grateful that we have 3 bedrooms.  Our room is huge, Xavier has the smallest, but it is also all his ;)  and Tucker and Gunner share the middle sized room.  The full bathroom isn't large, but I can't complain because it has a tub, shower, toilet and sink comfortably in it!  And downstairs, I have a not-large-at-all kitchen, but you know what ~ it serves it's purpose.  We have a dining room/living room combo.  And although at times I gripe about it, it works for us.  And in the basement, I have my washer and dryer.  Along with all my pantry shelves, a spare refrigerator, all our seasonal decorations (much more than my husband would like there to be) and my scrapbook area!  I have a desk I got for my birthday that is absolutely perfect for scrapbooking!  I haven't been able to use it much yet, but soon because we just cleaned the basement yesterday and I have finally cleared the way to my desk!  I'm so excited! 

So, tonight, as I was able to hug and kiss my 3 little guys, tuck them in with their nice cozy blankets, and turn on the hall light for them, I am grateful.  This house is what we needed, and what I am grateful for every single day! 

What are you grateful for tonight?

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