Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5th

Today, is the 13th anniversary of 2 very important events in my life. 
The first event was that the only grandpa I knew in this life passed away to heaven.  My Poppy was such a fun guy.  He was loved by all.  Oh, he was such a one of a kind.  His laugh was so incredible.  And he said some of the silliest things.  "Fan my brow with a crow bar"  "I'll mow your ears down"  "Shaw shaw shaw" And so many other things that I can't think of right now.  But, oh how I loved him.  And I'll never forget the last things he said to me "Just serve Jesus.  Do right.  I love you".  That was a few days before he died.  I remember it well.  I was at college and working the switchboard during Chapel, and I answered the phone and it was my mom saying Poppy wanted to talk to me.  After I hung up from that, I couldn't answer another call, and I just wept.  A few days later, he was gone.  November 5th 1998, my Poppy left us.  But, he's where he longed to be ~ He's in heaven with Jesus.  Oh, how he loved Jesus.  And he loved his grandkids like nobodies business!  Oh, how I miss him! 
The same day that my grandpa died, I was filling out absence forms and passes from school.   Arranging time off from my work scholarship job.  And all this time, my wonderful boyfriend (now my hubby) was helping me.  If I hadn't have been able to find someone to take me to the airport, he would've (even though it was against the rules at the college we went to.) driven me himself.  He helped me load my luggage in the car.  And right before I left, he said 3 little words that rocked my world and forever changed my life.  He told me that he loved me.  And, I was so shocked that I was speechless.  And if you know me, you know that isn't easy.  But, I eventually said it back to him.  But, not until I  got to my aunt's house in Missouri and called him.  Still the same night.  But, those 3 little words "I love you" changed my life forever. 

So, today, I'm grateful for 2 things.  Heaven because I know I get to spend eternity with my Poppy (and the many who has went on before and after him).  Heaven keeps getting sweeter everyday.  I can't wait till we get there, to just be done with the trials and pains of this life ~ and just worship at the feet of Jesus, lay everything at HIS feet, and just be humbled before our AWESOME GOD. 
And I'm grateful for Love.  My husband loves me so profoundly.  I'm humbled by it.  I'm not worthy of it.  But I will gladly accept it ~ and do my best to give it back.  And you know, God's Love is like that too.  We so do not deserve it, we are not worthy of it, but HE gave everything to us because HIS love for us is so great.  Oh how HE loves us. 
So, I'm grateful for heaven and for Love. 

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Anonymous said...

My dad used to say all the time "well fan my brow with a crow bar". I loved him dearly too! I wonder where that "crow bar" saying came from?