Friday, November 4, 2011


Have you ever had just "one of those days"?  I am today!  It's just makes me say UGH.
Today was also one of those days that when I woke up and dragged my butt out of bed the first thought that went through my head was "I don't want to do school".  LOL.  I sound like a kid, don't I?!  And that is how I felt!  These are the kind of days that I REALLY wish my guys could have went to school.  Now, mind you, I think that thought runs through my head at least as a whisper at least once a day.  But, today, that was like the anthem being sung LOUDLY in my head.  Usually, I truly ENJOY homeschooling, even though there is much frustration involved. 
And, tonight, the later the night gets, I know why my whiny anthem was singing in my head.  I just feel completely ran down and my throat hurts.  Which with me is a sure sign of ickyness.  You know, when we lived in South Florida, we never really got ill much.  I think I got too accustomed to South Florida, and now that the we live in this frozen tundra, we get hit hard and fast.  ICKY.  But, I'm dosing with lots of Vitamin C and am going to take some cold medicine before bed (in a few minutes ;) ), so that when I wake up, MAYBE I will feel better.  It is the weekend after all!
Tomorrow, when we get up (Jesse works this weekend, so it's just me and the boys) I'm putting going to wrestle the little men into some nice clothes and we're going to climb in the car and go to the park.  I am wanting to get a photo card for Christmas, so we are going to attempt to snap a few pictures and *fingers crossed* get a half way decent one to put on a Christmas card!  We'll see how that goes.  When I told the boys about it, you should've heard the moans and groans.  Oh, boy, what am I getting myself into?!  But, oh, well.  It will be done and over with by lunch time ~ or at least I hope so.
So, that is what's going on with us!  I can't believe it is that time of year already!  I'm ready for a trip back to Florida, but I'll save that begging for after New Years when we are buried under a gazillion feet of snow.  OH. JOY.
Anyways, I'm gonna go get my meds and throw the munchkins in bed and crash for the night myself!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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