Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2nd

Today is Wednesday, November 2nd.  Today, I am thankful for my church.  We go to a Southern Baptist church.  And it is just right for us.  I love it.  On Sundays, we sing some of the most beautiful worship songs.  And I just can't help but close my eyes, raise my hands and just worship my Saviour and my God who gave me such great things and has blessed me beyond my wildest imaginations! 

But the thing I love the most about my church is Wednesday nights.  They have Awana's for my guys.  They don't have Wednesday night services.  But on Wednesday nights, I take my guys to church, drop them off at their classes and I have close to 2 hours to myself.  And I love it.  I have some friends who suggested I volunteer, and I may eventually.  But right now, I don't mind not working in a ministry for this season in my life!  I have spent pretty much near 25 years just going going going.  And it's nice to just have a breather.  It's nice to take time away and just allow myself to be ministered to rather than always always busy.  And personally, I think EVERYONE needs that for a season in life!  Anyway, I digress.

I love Wednesdays because my church has Awana.  And what makes it super duper nice is that every other week, my husband and I get to have a date night.  Can I tell you how nice that is?  We haven't ever been able to have a date night.  And up until September, we had had 2 date nights in a year.  And one of those was our anniversary.  So it is so refreshing to just have a short couple hours 2 nights a week!  It's glorious.  Wednesdays are the highlight of my week! 

So, I guess my "thankful for" is kind of a twofer ~ Wednesdays and my church. 
What are you thankful for today?

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Mary Carmichael said...

I'm thankful for new you!