Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9

Today, I am grateful for the promises of God's word.  It's been a comfort to me so much.  Even more so these last few days.  In the aftermath of this election, I have such fear and uncertainty.  I have a very much of a doomsday/worst case scenario kind of a girl.  And really, that is a burden in and of itself.  Add to that the unexpected turn this election took, REALLY has done a number to me.  Where do we go?!  What do we do?!  How will we survive?!  What's going to happen?!  These are all legitimate questions.  These are all real concerns.  But let me tell you, if I'm not careful (and a lot of the times, I'm not ~ I have to work on that) those questions and so many more will bog my mind down.  And throw me into a pit.
But you know something, I'm recognizing it.  In my Sunday school class, we went through a book Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore.  And I learned A LOT about my tendency to throw myself into pits.  So, I have been trying my dangedest to rest and rely on HIM.

And, in our Friday Bible study group, we are doing a study on the book of Revelation ~ Here and Now There and Then.  Let me tell ya ~ this study could NOT come at a more appropriate time for me.  And Beth Moore wrote it and did the DVD's back in 2009, but I promise you, it is almost like she did it yesterday.  It's uncanny, nope, it's a total God thing.  My pastor's wife and I made eye contact during the dvd a few times.  And it was one of those "oy vey" facepalm moments.  LOL  {Kathy has the unfortunate luck to be my friend on facebook and she sees my angst and my ramblings and rants!  Love her ~ we just kinda GET each other!  She's great!} It really is awesome (not the cheerleader "Like, it's so awesome" but the OH CRAP WHAT THE WHAT?!  awesome).

One thing that Beth Moore said today that hit home ~ she was talking about how the angels were created before God created everything else.  And as the Trinity stood around a not yet breathing Adam, can you just imagine it ~ God said to the Son ~ "are you sure?!  If we do this you're as good as dead" ~ and yet they still felt that man was worth it.  The Lamb was slain before the foundations of the world.  I've heard it before, but it just struck me.  God knew before he formed man that HE would have to send HIS son to be tortured for what would happen in the Garden.  HE  knew what would happen but for our fellowship, HE thought we were worth it.  So, it gives me great comfort knowing that HE knew that Obama would be elected the first time.  And re-elected.  And how devastated I would be.  So I am thankful for HIS promises  "I am with you always, even unto the ends of the world".  WOW.  "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee".  "Jesus wept".  That one is profound.  Just think about it.  What did HE weep over?!  Over the plight that we keep getting ourselves into.  Over the way we willingly forsake HIM for what WE want.  Over the pain that our choices brings us.  And over the fact that we keep doing it ~ over and over and over.

So, for me tonight, I'm thankful for God's words and God's promises to me {okay to you too, WHATEVER, selfish.  GAAAAHHHH.}  :D  HE IS TOTALLY AWESOME!

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