Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5

This is a hard one today.  You see, on this date 14 years ago, 2 things happened that totally rocked my world.  The first one was that the only grandfather I ever knew lost his battle with cancer.  Oh, Poppy (what we called him) was a wonderful man!  He was so funny.  He was so loved by all his grandkids.  He always made me feel like his favorite (although, I am sure he did this for all of us).  I miss him so much.  Jesse was never able to meet him.  I'm sorry for that.  He would've loved Jesse!
                                         Kensel Hugh Poppy Miller
Just a few days before he lapsed into unconsciousness, I spoke to him on the phone.  I remember it vividly.  I was at college working on the switchboard during chapel.  And my mom called and said that Poppy was getting bad and it was my last chance to talk to him.  I let all the phones ring as I spent a minute or two talking to a man I spent my life adoring.  He told me how proud he was of me.  And that all that mattered in life was just to "Love Jesus.  That is all that matters.  And I love you."
After that he started talking gibberish and I hung up the phone.  I laid my head on the desk as about 6 phone lines were buzzing and I wept.  Oh, how I loved that man.  Oh, how I missed him already.   He died 2 days later. But, I'm SO grateful I was working that day so I got to speak to him that last time.  I will carry his words with me for the rest of my life.
On November 5th after I received word that Poppy had died EARLY that morning, I skipped all my classes to get ready to fly to Missouri for his funeral.  Jesse ditched a few of his classes that day too.  He even went to work late (or maybe he called off, I can't remember because I left) so he could spend some time with me.  And as my friend was pulling her car around to take me to the airport, Jesse and I were sitting in the "drool hall" and as we saw my friend pull up, he said that he loved me.  I was kinda shocked.  I didn't know what to say.  I just kinda looked at him all dumbfounded and we went to the car.  He helped me put my luggage in and I just kinda mumbled a goodbye to him.
Right as we were pulling away, I shockingly said to the girls with me "He told me he loved me".  Talia (the girl who owned the car) slammed her brakes on (he was still standing outside watching us drive away) and Talia and Meribel asked me "What did you say?!"  I said I didn't know, so they both jumped out of the car and yelled at Jesse "SHE LOVES YOU TOO"  Then we pulled away.  LOL ~ looking back now, it is kinda funny!  I did tell him later that night over the phone, but wow.  It was just so totally unexpected ~ we had only been dating officially for about a month!  But I'm so glad!  He has loved me (and I have loved him) for 14 years!  I'm so grateful for him.

So, all that to say ~ that I'm grateful for LOVE.  I have been loved well all of my life.  My parents, my grandparents, the Love of my Life, and my Saviour all have loved me.  I'm grateful for love and memories.

                                     My love and I ~ 14 years later, still grossing people out!

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