Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4

Tonight, I sit here in my warm, dry house.  With food in my pantry and fridge.  And my computer plugged in and charging and lights on.  And as snow is being rumored to be coming from the sky sometime soon, I'm grateful.

I'm grateful I have a safe, warm, dry house with electricity ~ when I have friends in New York City area and New Jersey who are still waiting for their power to be restored to their homes from Hurricane Sandy.

I'm grateful I haven't had to wait in line for gas for 4 hours.

I'm grateful that we have food to eat.  We don't have to go dumpster diving just to feed my guys.

I'm grateful I had clothes, jackets, coats, and extra food to send down to those in need.

I have lived through hurricane ravaged area's in South Florida.  I understand and can totally sympathize with those who are suffering from Hurricane Sandy.  Only, I didn't have to worry about the cold.

And, I am grateful I live in Syracuse area that didn't get any damage from Hurricane Sandy.  And I'm grateful to have had the experiences in South Florida with hurricanes so I can be compassionate towards those going through it now!

I wish I could do more.  But, I'm grateful for what I can do!

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