Friday, December 16, 2011

That time of year

You know, living in central New York, aka the frozen tundra, one would think that there would be absolutely no issue about snow for Christmas.  Well, let me tell ya, so far, we haven't even accumulated a full inch yet.  You can still see the dead leaves on the ground and the still green grass.  WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!?!?!   I mean, I am so not a snow girl EXCEPT at Christmas.  And you better believe my philosophy is, if it isn't going to be a white Christmas, we better be in Florida.  But, it's not looking like it is going to be a white Christmas.  And I am not going to be in Florida.  So, it feels really weird.  We have our house all decked out, heater on (well, as on as our heater gets ;)  We never go over 68*) and no snow. 
So this year, I'm kinda not feeling Christmasy.  And it's the first year I have ever said, I can't wait to take it all down.   I guess it kind of doesn't help knowing Jesse is having to work on Christmas day.   But, I'm glad he has his job!  And I really don't mind him working, he'll be here in the morning for presents,  and dinner before work.  So.  I'm grateful, just not grooving on the whole Christmas thing this year. 

My guys have been dying to see Santa.  But I doubt that is going to be able to happen before Christmas.  So they sent him an email and they got an email and personalized video back.  They loved it!!!.  So fun for them!  I'm hoping my sour spirit doesn't diminish the magic that they should be feeling at this time of year.  I'm really trying to keep it from them.  And I hope I'm doing a good enough job! 

I am not yet done Christmas shopping.  Are you?!  I have so much left to get.  I have 2 sisters in law to buy for, cash to get for older nephews, presents for the younger nieces and nephews, finish up Jesse, and my boys.  We decided to wait until Jesse gets his bonus.  But oy vey, that is putting such a time crunch on me!   That is one thing I LOATHE doing a few days before Christmas.  But, it will get done.  And if it doesn't, then, I'm gonna have to just say que' sera sera! 

We are looking forward to going to Aunt Terry's on the 23rd for a family dinner!  That has been one of my most favorite things at Christmas!   Other than that we don't really have any other traditions ~ besides EARLY Christmas present opening!  The boys and I made cookies the other day and decorated them and they had a great time!   I'll post those pictures soon. 

Hoping you all are having a blessed Christmas season!

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