Monday, December 26, 2011


We had a very wonderful Christmas.  It was just the 5 of us.  On Christmas Eve, thanks to the urging of my husband, we got our presents wrapped early in the day, so while we were waiting for the little ones to fall asleep, which with the anticipation of a soon visiting Santa Claus it took AWHILE!  So, Jesse and I were able to clean up a little and then we watched movies and drank hot chocolate.  
It was wonderful and relaxing.  I'm thinking that is how it needs to be every year.  ;)

After Xavier finally went to sleep, we made our way up to bed and next thing I know all 3 guys are up and asking to go downstairs.  That's the rule around here.  I want to be the first one downstairs so I can see their faces when they see the stash :D.  It wasn't as early as I figured.  They woke us up at 7:30.  So, as usual, by about 8:15-ish all presents were unwrapped and we were getting pestered to open every gift.  The boys LOVED everything (I hope so ;) ) .  But new rules are going to have to be put in place for their new Nintendo 3Ds's.  I've already had to confiscate a them a couple of times.

I did NOT leave my pajamas once yesterday.  It was SO nice!  We had went to church on Christmas eve.  With Jesse working on Christmas day, it was just easier to do that!  And it was an awesome service!  Beautiful singing and a great message!
So, I stayed warm and cozy all day long!  I hadn't done that in so long!  We had a simple pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green bean casserole.  Nothing special, except that I was sharing it with the most special people in the world to me.  It was just the 5 of us.  First time in so long since that happened.   Not that we had anywhere to go.  But we are best just the 5 of us!  I am so thankful for the 4 guys I have in my life! 

I have some friends who are divorced or separated from their children's father and they didn't have their kids for Christmas break and that just broke my heart.  I am so very thankful for our cohesive family unit.  We may not have perfect relationships with our extended families, but our family of 5 is truly all I NEED.  We miss our families but are so grateful we have each other.  Oh, how I love my 4 guys!

How was your Christmas?  Were you blessed beyond measure like I was?  

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