Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 21

I am just sitting here breathing deeply.  Sitting by light of the Christmas tree and other Christmas lights in the house.  Just contemplating making my way up stairs to start clearing my bed off and climbing into it. 
I'm trying to psych myself up for my busy day tomorrow and the next few days. 

I have gotten quite a few presents wrapped.  I've decided this year to put all the clothes in gift bags.  Which truly does take alot off of the wrapping jobs off my hands.  Today, I took Tucker out to buy presents for his brothers.  He was so cute!  It's so funny to watch a kid with his pocket full of cash.  He has great schemes in his head.  But the cost sort of curbed his enthusiasm.  And with mom reminding him that he needed to buy for his brothers, not himself, kind of hurt his enthusiasm too!  But it was fun! 
Tomorrow morning, I am taking Xavier out too.  I'm hoping he has what he wants to get already in mind, cause it's gonna be CA-RAZY out there tomorrow.  Then, I have to bring him home, help him ;) wrap the presents, then I'm taking all 3 of them out to finish what I am planning on getting for them for their dad.  Then we are hitting up the dreaded grocery store (which, shouldn't be SO dreaded.  Not like it is before thanksgiving).  Then we need to get everything in the house, wrap Jesse's gifts all before he gets up.  OY VEY. 

Then tomorrow, Jesse will get up, go finish up his shopping and I will be here wrapping presents and putting together my food for our family get together on Friday.  And the hope is that there won't be any running around on the 23 or 24th except for the run to Utica on Friday evening!  I'm hoping to be SO ready for Christmas that we can just watch movies and play games and drink hot cocoa all day Christmas Eve! 

I'm finally getting stoked about Christmas.  But, I'm kinda stoked about starting to take the ornaments off the tree and start getting it put away.  I'm ready.  Although it does make for some beautiful soft lighting!  That part I will miss!  I'm also SUPER DUPER stoked about seeing the boys open their presents!  I can't wait. 

So are you guys ready for Christmas yet?! 

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Tami said...

almost. ;) a card or two or 100 to print and mail...and two more gifts to buy. Other than that, we're all done. LOL