Saturday, December 17, 2011


Maybe I need to publicly express my desire for snow more often ~ late last night it started to snow and we got about an inch or 2!  Enough to cover the ground and let the guys play in the snow!  It was pretty!  But, it isn't going to stay.  It will be in the 40's next week.  And plus, very little survived the 'heat' of the day today.  But, it was snow! 

And today was a Rankin Bass marathon on tv ~ you know, they were the ones who did all the claymations, rudolph, the year without a santa claus and all those classics!  And now, we are watching a Star Wars marathon!   All 3 of my boys are all feeling a little under the weather.  Xavier is the worst.  I'm not sure if we will  be able to make it to church tomorrow at this rate.  We'll see.  I'm hoping to.  I am enjoying our church!  Love the praise and worship.  Love hearing our pastor preach.  It's been refreshing for me. 

I have lots going on (who doesn't) this next week.  A girl in our MOPS group is hosting a cookie swap.  So, I have 4 dozen cookies to make for that.  Then, we get paid (Yippee!) on Thursday, and it's going to be a task to get all the shopping done that needs to be done.  I was sitting after dinner talking to the boys trying to figure it all out.  OY VEY!  But it will be fun.  What I'm having a difficult time doing is coordinating taking them each out by themselves to buy presents for their brothers.  They want to do it separately so that just adds a little twist to the plans!  But I'm sure it will be all figured out soon.  I've learned my lesson finally {or so I hope} that I need to start saving my money throughout the year for Christmas shopping OR just shop throughout the year.  Now THAT would just solve my entire problem!  ;)

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