Saturday, July 25, 2009

A rainy day

It has been overcast and rainy all afternoon. But I did step outside to throw something away and, boy, was it ever muggy ~ sticky and icky. I won't miss that. But I will miss somethings about South Florida! We had a loverly "Palmetto Bug" ~ a bug that back home we call a roach, but it's gianormous. Another thing I won't miss about living in the everglades!

But my heart has been so blessed this week by VBS. I was able to do what I love to do ~ teach. And, my students have just blessed my soul this week. I am ever so grateful that I was able to do this one last time before we left. And just being able to be fun and crazy with the kids was just a blessing too! I was just totally blessed this week in ways I can't explain.
I will truly miss our church. We will never find a church like it ever again. There is just such a love in it that is truly unique. How grateful I have been to have been able to be a part of just such a church.

Today, I am busy packing. Getting stuff done, but then again, feeling quite overwhelmed that it may not be quite enough. So, maybe I need to get off this stupid contraption and get to work!!!! :0) But where's the fun in that. Actually, I am taking a much needed break. I seem to have been walking in circles. Leave one room to go get something, get halfway there, forget something else that I was going to bring out with me, go back, but turn around thinking I'll forget what I was originally going after then turning around again really wanting to pack the other thing and.........................well, you get the picture! So, I needed to sit down and just do nothing but type for a little bit and kinda gather my wits about me again! Later I do have to drag all 3 boys out to the store for a couple things.
Like school pants. Xavier will be going to a Christian school up in New York, which is very exciting for him being as he's been homeschooled for the last 3 years. But, he is in need of pants that aren't cargo's. Down here because even most of the public schools have uniforms, those pants (non-cargo's) are super duper easy to find, but not sure of the selection in NY. And I don't like to order clothes online cause I like to at least hold them up to see if they are close to the right size! So I get to go clothes shopping for the boy!
We are looking forward to our upcoming move, but every day I become more emotional about it cause it's starting to hit me that we are moving. And that we will be around family. We have been on our own and independent that I am unsure how we will fit in, mesh you might say, with everyone and definitely worried about finding a place to work in the church we will be going to. But I suppose that when you already are plugged in at one church, it is hard to imagine how easily we will plug in to another vastly different church! So I am a great big ball of hormonal emotions ~ but the great thing is ~ I know I'm not pregnant!!!!!!!!!!

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