Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's only just begun.............

Man, now I have that Karen Carpenter song in my head ~ We've only just begun..........To LLLIIIIIIIIIIVVVVEEE Haha ~ now you do too!!

Anywho, today has FINALLY started to settle down for me! We have been busy at church trying to get it all ready for VBS starting Monday. Not quite done yet ~ I've got a feeling it's gonna be a late night tomorrow night, then an early day Monday just to get it lookin' good! Oh, well, it will be worth it!!!!!!!! But it was a long, tiring day!

Yesterday, Jesse went and got a lot of boxes for me and I feel as if I've accomplished alot cause I got 10 boxes packed last night! Maybe I can motivate myself to get some more done tonight if I can just get 2 little munchkins down for the night ~ the 3rd has been down for quite awhile!

It finally is starting to feel real, now that I am getting starting on my packing. I'm so EXCITED! I'm one of those REALLY weird people who actually likes to move. I know!!! ;) Jesse's aunt emailed me pictures last night of our new apartment. It is small (we knew that) but it is only temporary until we can just get on our feet and established with jobs. So, Jesse is constantly on me about how much we can actually keep with us. It is so hard when I am packing to determine if I can live without something for a few months and what I absolutely MUST have. Then I have the boxes that have actual ? marks on them for "if I can keep them with me, it would be great, but if not, keep them handy while in the store room so I can get into them if need be". More than likely, Jesse will not be happy, but there are some things that I have to have/put up to just make it feel homey. So I guess the battle of wills will commence shortly!

I have alot of people questioning me (about why we are moving)because of everything they hear on the news about the layoffs and such. Here's the scoop ~ End of May, Jesse was given his pink slip saying he was gonna be laid off come July 31st. They have been trying to find the financing to save the road deputy jobs. None of the federal grants came through and aren't expected to come through. The Sheriff then asked all deputies to take non paid furlough's to donate the needed monies to save the road deputy jobs. The last day was July 16th. Guess what ~ on July 16th, word came down that enough furlough days were donated to save deputy jobs through September 30th. But here's the catch, ~ their layoff's weren't rescinded. They were just extended through the end of September. They were told in a similar meeting to the one on ones when the their pink slips were given to them that funds just aren't there to guarentee their jobs after September 30th, but that they were hoping some federal monies would be available by then. Jesse decided that we were moving before ~ but the decision was confirmed after that came to light. It is not the time to be messing around with unknowns. All we know is we have a job, a place to live, and a school for Xavier to go to that isn't a public school (public schools just aren't for us) and family to help take care of the other ones! We have to go where there is work available for us and that we can afford to survive.

We have truly loved our time in Florida ~ we love our church and our framily here. The winters are LOVERLY! But, apparently it's time to move on and we are ever so ready and excited to see what life has in store for us next.

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