Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another day!

It's another long day. It started WAY too early. J gets to bring his cruiser home today so I had to drop him off. Wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't been us (including all 3 boys) leaving the house about 5:15. We all just laid down after we got home around 6:45 a.m. and just now woke up. It was a nice little nap. I could've slept longer, but we are needing to go to church and do more work on VBS schtuff.

Our church's VBS is in 2 1/2 weeks. We are just now getting started on the decorations. Which is horrible. Generally we start working on all the painting and such in March and VBS is in July every year. Saying we are behind is a total understatement. We are desparately scrambling to get a few things done and that is all we will have to be happy with this year.

J has an awesome job possibility. But it's in New York. Which I am totally okay with. He might hear something about it today. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully it may be something. Jesse keeps saying the pay has to be right, cause we will still have to pay our mortgage down here (unless a hurricane comes and blows it to pieces, which wouldn't bother me) and pay rent and all those pesky things we call bills. So yes, if the pay is right. I will still have to get a job cause it's difficult carrying a mortgage that you aren't living in. It's HARD! We have friend who have had to do it and it wasn't fun for any involved, but it is survivable.

T has a dr. appointment today with a specialist about possibly getting tubes in his ears. He has had some significant hearing loss in both ears, but one ear has improved a little bit. So hopefully we can get some tubes in and that may help him hear better. But this morning he has a bit of a fever and just not feeling well. Camp last week took it out of him and I don't think he has quite recovered yet.

I am needing today to get X's school papers out to get them in on time. I may just need to overnight them there. We'll see. It's much cheaper to pay $10 to ship them than $75 for a late fee! So I will be doing that today. He did well on his evaluation yesterday. He's on the higher end of his grade level. Which is awesome!

So as of right now, I am just sitting here twiddling my thumbs and getting irritated at not knowing what is going on with my life. I hate waiting! It's not my strong suit ~ which could be translated that I'm NOT patient. But I am learning to trust God more through this, so maybe I am learning patience. And, last night my pastor preached on what I needed. All the hardships of this life ~ financial concerns, job concerns, health concerns ~ won't matter when Jesus comes. And it's so true. We'll look back from Heaven and realize we paid too much attention to the things that really don't matter. But, right now those hardships consume us. But I need to refocus on the things that matter ~ taking as many people as possible to heaven with me. Cause Christ is coming soon and HE'll take care of our earthly needs until then. So it was a good sermon and one I needed!

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