Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Down time

I am SSSOOOOOOOO ready for it. I spend my days packing/looking for jobs/packing. Then I get to rush around trying to get 3 little boys and myself ready for VBS!!! Then spend a lovely, but exhausting, night at vbs. I can tell I am so not as animated as I have been in the past. Pastor told me tonight it was just cause I am gettin' old. I don't consider that too nice ~ albeit right on the money!!!!!!!!
I am so emotional too right now! I cry just about everyday. Oh, well, that is what change is all about. Growing pains do hurt! I am so not wanting to leave, but know it is what is best for my family. So I will and knowing it is good and right won't make it easy, but it does help.
So many of my dear friends have asked to come and help me pack. And I so much appreciate it, but, my house has never been so ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ like disgusting I really don't want people to see my lack of housecleaning skills right now! And it has boxes everywhere we barely have room to walk!!!! So, if you are one of my dear friends who has offered ~ Thanks, and it's not that I would not love the company, I would be embarassed to have you see my house in the shap it's in! Love ya, though!
The boys are thoroughly enjoying VBS this year. I have been telling them every day ~ "the girls are gonna win the penny parade, so don't get disappointed when the boys lose and the girls win". Xavier especially couldn't handle it last year when the girls won. He just broke down and cried each time. Bless his sweet little heart. The boys lost by exactly 1 penny last year. So sad, but because of how involved they are I wanted to prepare them for the worst ~ the boys' biggest contributors have moved and usually I do what I can with as much as is available to me (I will usually give blank checks if need be ;) ), but Jesse has forbidden it this year since we are moving and all. So I have only contributed about a dollar per kid each night! Basically whatever change is lying around. And they are ready for the girls to win, but still get into the fun of it all! But ~ for the past 2 nights the boys have amazingly won ~ we are ahead by $37.99. It is shocking and astounding. We are so very excited, but know the hammer will soon drop. But it makes me happy. The girls out number the boys by almost 4 to 1, so it is rather shocking.
And it is so fun ~ I get into the whole boy/girl thing. Of course, since I have all boys, I get to be an honorary boy for VBS week. And it is fun, I sit with the boys and I scream for the boys side! I love it. I think everyone gets a real chuckle out of it too!!!!! I truly am going to miss it next year, but maybe I might be able to sneak back into town for it, who knows!
This week, I am teaching the Jr. (oldest class) class. I love it. I am not really all about the book, so I just use the material and make it into my own kinda lesson. I think it's fun. And for the past 2 nights I have had parents tell me that their children are truly enjoying my class and it's their favorite part of vbs. That just truly blesses me to know that I (as loud and boisterous and dorky as I am) am being used of God. PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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