Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Off for a little while

Well, today will probably be my last day on the 'puter for a little while. We pack everything in the truck tomorrow ~ :0) Hopefully it will be done tomorrow, that is!
Then we have our last service at church. Then right after church, we are having a birthday party for my little Gunner. Today is his first birthday! And I can't help but remember every single teensy detail of everything that went on a year ago. Don't have time to elaborate tonite, as I am swamped, but hopefully soon I can put up all the emails I sent during that time. Let's just say, I am so grateful to having seen God's merciful loving caring hand in the life of my monster sized preemie! HE's an awesome God who cares deeply for little ones!

Happy birthday, Gunner Ethan! Mommy loves you!

And I shall catch everyone up on the move once we get there! Ta for now!