Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17

Today, we got started back in school after a very loverly 4 day weekend.  I had severe headaches on Friday, and Monday was a holiday so i just let them have it off.  And so today we are getting back in the swing of everything.  And it's been a great day!   They got their paperwork done ~ and Xavier is reviewing his chapter of History.  He's got a couple tests coming up. 

Sunday they joined the Kids choir at church and they have to go over their songs everyday.  So, I just incorporated that in with Bible class!  They love it.  I'm working on trying to teach them about true worship.  And I'm hoping that kids choir will help with that.

Today's Bible lesson was about sin.  I use a website for their Bible class:  Kids 4 Truth Devotionals .  And once a week they have a short biography of great Christians ~ Truth in Real life Moments.  And it was about Corrie ten Boom.  Such a convicting story and take on it.  Here is the last paragraph from the biography today:

What about us? In today’s comparably “normal” and “safe” circumstances, praying in a public restaurant or giving a disabled beggar some food is too “hard” or “scary” (or maybe just embarrassing?) for some Christians. They do not do anything notably “Christian” in public, because they don’t want to stand out as being different, and they are afraid someone might get angry or give them a funny look. They don’t want to give sacrificially or take risks to help needy people, because they are worried about having enough money and food for themselves. It was crucial for Corrie to remember that God loved her in spite of her shortcomings and that He wanted her to share His kind of love and forgiveness with her enemies. Do you love the unlovely? Do you take risks and make sacrifices to help needy people? Did Jesus Christ do those things for you? Even if you “don’t feel like it,” you can, by God’s grace, live out God’s love and grace in a world that doesn’t understand it.  

Something I want to teach my guys.  But I know it's something I truly need to exercise more in my life.   I like it when I'm trying to teach my guys something and it convicts me.  Well, I don't necessarily like it, but I know it's something I am glad for.  

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