Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well, Jesse got home about 12 hours earlier than he was scheduled for.  Yay!  It was so nice to have him home that night, to tuck the guys into bed.  Then the next day, I was able to do something that I hadn't gotten to do for 2 1/2 weeks.  I went shopping!!!!!  Oh, it was a beautiful moment when I drove away with utter, blissful silence all by myself!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love my guys {all 4 of them} and I offered to let them go with me ~ but when they heard the words, trying on clothes, they all loudly groaned and unanimously decided to stay home.  Darn!  ;) 

So, I went clothes shopping all by myself.  And I really wasn't intending to purchase anything, just try to get an idea of some stuff I would like to buy ~ I'm kinda in need of clothes that fit me.  You see, I'm trying to lose weight, but it isn't happening all too fast.  And we have vacation coming up.  Now, the clothes I have work just fine for me ~ you know, the ratty old sweatshirts and t-shirts and the jeans about a tich too small.  And those work just fine for me right now, when all I do is stay home all day long and I have a couple of nice pieces that rotate for church every 2 weeks-ish.  But, going on vacation means people are going to be subjected {whether they like it or not} to looking at me and I would really prefer that I look presentable.  Which is why I was clothes shopping.  But, I found some very awesome deals, so I just had to snatch them up!  Dress barn was having some clearance stuff that I got awesome deals on and Christopher and Banks.  Well, lets just say I absolutely love their clothes, but I will never in my wildest dreams ever pay full price for their stuff.  Especially when I can wait and get the deal I got on Thursday.  I found an awesome pair of casual khaki's for..............drumroll please..............................$6.99.  Oh yeah.  That is what I'm talking about.  I mean a pair of $60.00 pants.  Sweet action Jackson.  Plus a Denim jacket/shirt thing there for also $6.99.  Score! 

And last night, I made our reservations for our hotel in Washington DC.  And I am so super duper excited!   We are taking our family vacation in March.  In Greenville, SC there is a homeschool convention that I was wanting to go to.  And a plus side of that is that one of my dearest friends lives in Greenville.  So, I talked Jesse into asking for the time off and he got it.  And we have some other friends that live and work in the DC area.  So we decided we would take a few days and spend it in DC and see our friends, do some of the tourist-y stuff and then head to Greenville. 

As soon as my friend Kelly found out we were coming down to the convention she said "Of course you are staying with us, right?!"  So we are staying with them and Kelly and I are going to hit up the convention together.  I don't think Jesse is going to want to go except maybe once because, as he put it, "honey, that's really not my thing".  But I don't care ~ he can go take the boys and do whatever!  I want to go to some of the workshops and most importantly I want to browse and investigate all my options for curriculum next year! 

So, I am greatly anticipating our vacation.  So excited!  We are going to be taking a tour of the Capitol Building, seeing the Washington Monument (even though it's closed due to earthquake damage), Lincoln Memorial, and all the other fun things we can just walk around and do on Monday.  On Tuesday, we are hitting up the Smithsonian because the boys and I  have never been there.  Before we leave on Wednesday, I'm wanting to take the boys (and Jesse, since he's never been) to Arlington.  I think it's important that they see the price that people have paid for our freedoms in this country. 

So, this is just like Christmas to me, I can barely contain my excitement.  And it's like our first real family vacation.  Usually, our vacations consist of visiting family, and while that's good and all, it's nice to do something tourist-y!  So, I'm just excited and had to tell someone, because I think all 4 of my guys are already tired of hearing about it ;)

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