Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guess What?!?!?!

Autumn is in the air ~ which then leads me to start singing:

Yes, yes, I know it says love is in the air, but I ALWAYS replace it with Fall is in the Air Everywhere I look around. And it is so beautiful!

The weather is cooling off.  Today, It didn't get out of the 60's.  And it's supposed to get in the mid 50's tonight.  The leaves are already starting to change.  I got my fall decorations up yesterday.  Gotta finish them up.  This is my most favorite time of the year.  It used to be winter, but the older I get (yes, I've finally accepted that next year I will be slightly older than my usual 25) the more I love the chill that autumn brings.  I love the look of pumpkins on my door step.  The piles of leaves in the yard.  I love to see the harvest blessings flag flapping on my garden stake (alas, no garden to put it in though).  I love all my count your blessings, give thanks decorations.  It reminds me every day to be grateful.  I do keep a few blessings out all year.  But this time of year always brings me to a more thankful place.  Gratitude is a thing that is so hard to come by anymore.  I work so hard to instill some gratitude into my little bits.  Sometimes, I despair when I hear them being so selfish.  But there are times when they utterly shock me with how sweet and grateful they are.  Mom, thanks for dinner.  Mom, thanks for buying us this.  And the thing that steals my heart the most is when they hug me and tell me how grateful they are that I am their mom.

These guys :

Are so awesome! I love them. These guys make me grateful day in and day out. I'm grateful that God gave them to me to raise. To make into men. I worry every day that I am a failure. But I know that God can turn my disasters into successes ~ not for my glory, but for HIS.

I know I rambled, but I love the autumn, I love my guys and I love my God! And every year at this time, I am always reminded of these things!


Tami said...

Love it! Your blog is looking so fall-ish and beautiful!

Lishak said...

I absolutely love fall too! It makes me as giddy as a kid on Christmas day!