Sunday, September 18, 2011

Uh, oh.

Wow, I had decided last night to take a needed break from facebook.  I know that I am on there entirely too much.  You know the saying that all my friends are the ones on line?!  Well, that is pretty much true!  But, I have been getting frustrated.  Not by any one person, just frustrated.  I have been feeling mouthy lately.   And I don't really desire to make enemies, so I decided to just back off for a little while ;) 

You know, I blame Eve.  You know, the curse and all.  UGH.  PMS.  Not something I suffer from gracefully KWIM? 

So, about an hour ago, I swore off facebook for hopefully a week.  I have my detractors who think I can't make it.  I'm beginning to think they may be right.  I'm having to keep telling myself ~ DON'T LOG IN!  Hopefully, my house will be a little cleaner ;)  And I will get caught up on some stuff.  I have a few things planned to keep me busy during this "facebook hiatus" ~

Jesse just bought me (dirt cheap off of craigslist) a 5 or 6 drawer file cabinet that I'm gonna start organizing my school stuff in.  YAY!  It won't all just be laying around helter skelter.  I won't lose it as easily that way! 
Which is a very good thing :D

Then, I really want to start blogging more.  Like I know you who do read my blogs really want to hear me whine and blather on and on and on and on.  I promise to try NOT to whine too much ;) 

Now mind you, I never said I was swearing off Google+ or twitter or Smart Girl Politics or what not.  Just the place I spend (or rather waste) the most of my time ~ pray for me ~ and my family :D  They may just end up begging me to start facebooking again.  And you may too!

So, there it is.  And the withdrawal is already setting in LOL!  But I think I can manage to survive ~ for at least a day or 2 ~ I hope!!!!


Marisa said...

LOL!! I know what you mean it can be sooooo time consuming.. fun but time consuming!

Sherry said...

I've had to take a fb break from time to time and although it wasn't easy - you're right - sometimes it's just needed! Good luck. ;)