Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learning about myself

You know, it's kinda funny.   Lately, while on fb, I had been getting frustrated.  You know, the kind of frustration that makes a girl just shake her head and yell to the wind "I DON'T UNDERSTAND SOME PEOPLE".  Ugh. 
So, I decided to take a facebook hiatus, vacation, sabbatical, or whatever you want to call it.  So, I decided that to keep my blood pressure to a healthy level, I needed to stay off of facebook for a while.  I came out with grand plans of doing it for a full week.  O.o ~ I don't know why I did that to myself.  I was going through withdrawals within 30 minutes.  And I realized that is a long time to go for a first time fb vacationer.   Especially since I am not doing anything special right now.  It would be easier if I was on vacation.  But I'm not.  I'm just homeschooling, and cleaning and cooking (keep your mouth shut, Jesse) and just bored at night.  Jesse goes to work at 6 pm, the boys go to bed no later than 9 pm and I am lonely the rest of the evening.  So it is hard
Now, what I am finding the most telling about myself is that a) I am what could be considered addicted to facebook and b)REALLY a boring and weird person cause I find I can blog about it. 

All that to say ~ I am going to go off my fb vacation ~ it was intended to alleviate stress, not add to it.  And yes, I am gonna have some unnamed men gloat because apparently they know me better than I know myself.   There were some guys who said I couldn't last, my husband being one of them.  I will gladly tell them that they were right.   But, I have also learned that maybe I don't need to live on it like I have become accustomed to.   So, there is my sad strange little blog about my lack of will power to stay off of facebook. 
And this is why I don't drink ~ I'm easily addicted and have no will power to stop.  SERIOUSLY!


Kris said...

Good for u for at least trying! Just do what I do - post lots of verses and call it ur Facebook ministry lol

Marisa said...

Hey, You learned something from it... Then it was a SUCCESS! You were successful today!!! =)