Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I can tell the seasons are changing!

With me, there is just this feeling I get in my gut at the turning from Summer to Autumn.  And it's a good one!  I love the chill in the air, keeping the windows open, making the heart meals.  I just love autumn! 
And at night,  right before bed, hot cocoa is begged for (and almost always obliged ~ if we have enough for all 3) and snuggles are fought for.  Nope, I don't beg them to snuggle with me, they fight over who gets to snuggle with me first.  And that does this mama's heart SO good!  I love it when my guys just snuggle and love on me!  I have been so blessed in my life.  Beyond measure. 

Now mind you they can be precocious little boogers.  Like tonight  ~ Xavier climbed a tree in our complex (we rent, and the management can be .............anal) and just started tearing down branches.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?  So, I expect to be getting a very "sweetly worded" letter tomorrow.  Oy vey!

School is going really well.  Today, we started late (what's new, I'm SO not a morning person) and we were done by 1:15 ~ before Jesse got up.  WOOHOO! 
The guys do their seatwork ~ math, english, phonics/spelling  ~ all independently, well, for the most part independently.  Then we do Bible, history and science together.  I really am kinda liking it!  I love history ~ and so I'm relearning alot of what I had previously forgotten ~ and they like it too.  But what they like the best, I think is science.  We are learning about bugs and plants and animals!  I'm just having a good time just sitting at the table and talking/teaching with my guys! 

And that is just what's going on right now!  Oh, yeah, and btw ~ I did cut my fb vaca short!  :D

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