Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's been quite awhile!

I must apologize ~ I haven't blogged in so long, despite so many promises to myself that I would.  I have so much in me that I want to say, but then I never push post because it is so private.  But, I'm starting to feel better.

Maybe it's the beginning of the change of seasons that has me ready to just start posting again. I don't know, but I redecorated my blog and I think I'm ready. I think part of it is that I haven't found my niche. It's weird. I really don't know who I am so I am finding it hard to put those things into words. Every once in a while I get a brilliant thought to expound on, and then I'm spent.

This past year has brought so many things into my life and taken a few things out. Most of it is good. Some bad. All life changing.

Tonight, as I type this, I have Xavier and Gunner upstairs in bed. And Jesse has Tucker at the urgent care clinic. He's been sick for the last couple days. Tonight around 9 he spiked a fever higher than I have ever seen on any of my babies. 104.7. That number in a fever is just scary for mama. I just went into a near panic ~ all I could think was that high of a fever could cause a seizure. He doesn't like cool showers, so I was alternating wet rags and towels. I would put them in refrigerator to get them nice and cool. Then, someone on my facebook post that I had asked people to pray for him mentioned strep. So, I got Jesse's flashlight and his throat had little red spots in it. So I figured it was strep throat. Poor little man. Bad mommy for not checking his throat earlier. Could've had some meds for him earlier, but no. His fever had went away and he kept telling me he felt better but I could tell in his eyes that he didn't. His eyes (all my guys' eyes do) tell me alot when he is sick. They just have this world weary look in them that breaks my heart every time.
I have kinda been down with fever and just a general not feeling good myself all day. Hopefully, none of the rest of us get it.
Yesterday ~ Tucker woke me up not feeling well, and a fever, but we had plans to go to the State fair and he really wanted to go. He *said* he was feeling better after a round of tylenol and cold medicine. So we went ~ and they got to ride some rides. After that though, he was just all droopy. We had lunch there, and he didn't eat anything. I knew we needed to be going home after that. So we went to get some more 25 cent chocolate milk, cause I have no problem telling you it is the best and it is the main reason I go. Then we went home and he pretty much slept the rest of the day and went to bed for the night early. Then he woke me up several times last night and finally we both just went to the living room and he slept on the couch and I hung out in the recliner dozing periodically. So it has been an eventful/miserable couple of days in our life! I hate it when my babies are ill. But that happens.
I got some cute pictures from yesterday, so I will try to get them up soon!


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