Tuesday, January 1, 2013

52 Week Challenge ~

Well, it didn't take me long and I have all things worked out to host a photography challenge.
I'm not terribly picky, pretty lenient, but there are a few ground rules:
Please be people of integrity.  If you didn't take the picture, please don't use it.
Feel free to invite your friends to join us, but please make sure they follow to join us.
Please be mindful of others ~ and keep them clean.
And finally, lets encourage each other!!

Now, this is how it's gonna work ~ I will put up a post every Friday ~ on that post I will have this:

And this is where you will post your links to your pictures.  Make sure you don't link to an entire page of pictures just the one picture you are submitting for the week.
The link will be up until the following Monday when the next challenge begins.

Also, on that same post, I will also put up a reminder of the next weeks assignment.
To make this even more fun, there are a couple assignments throughout the 52 weeks that will have contests attached to them.  They will be randomly placed, and the prize won't be extravagant, but it will be fun.  The way the contests will work is that on the Beginning of the Challenge week, I will tell you that it is the contest and each person will be assigned a number as they post and I will have a number picker online choose the winner!

The theme's for each week are listed below ~

Week 1 (1/4)~ From your back door
Week 2 (1/11)~Something red
Week 3 (1/18) ~ From your kitchen
Week 4 (1/25)~ Whatever you want
Week 5 (2/1)~ Something Warm
Week 6 (2/8) ~ Something that keeps you warm
Week 7 (2/15)~ Love
Week 8 (2/22)~ Something pink
Week 9 (3/1)~ Something that warms your heart
Week 10 (3/8)~ Your child(ren)/pets or both
Week 11 (3/15)~ A desire of your heart
Week 12 (3/22)~ An unedited photo
Week 13 (3/29)~ Something Large
Week 14 (4/5)~ New Life
Week 15 (4/12) ~ Shadow
Week 16 (4/19)~ Something Green
Week 17 (4/26)~ Street Lights
Week 18 (5/3)~ Metallic
Week 19 (5/10)~ Action Shot
Week 20 (5/17)~ You couldn’t live without…
Week 21 (5/24)~ Short Exposure
Week 22 (5/31)~ Long Exposure
Week 23 (6/7)~ Something dirty (as in muddy)
Week 24 (6/14)~ Something clean
Week 25 (6/21)~ Sunflare
Week 26 (6/28)~ Something you want to get rid of
Week 27 (7/5)~ Celebration
Week 28 (7/12)~ Nature
Week 29 (7/19)~ Summertime activity
Week 30 (7/26)~ Something Cool
Week 31 (8/2)~ Close up
Week 32 (8/9)~ Favorite Color
Week 33 (8/16)~ Friends
Week 34 (8/23)~ Black and White
Week 35 (8/30)~ Patterns
Week 36 (9/6)~ Back to School
Week 37 (9/13)~ Weather
Week 38 (9/20)~ Faceless Self portrait
Week 39 (9/27)~ Morning rituals
Week 40 (10/4)~ Out and about
Week 41 (10/11)~ Something small
Week 42 (10/18)~ Landscape
Week 43 (10/25)~ Autumn
Week 44 (11/1)~ Far away
Week 45 (11/8)~ Nightly Rituals
Week 46 (11/15)~ Family Activity
Week 47 (11/22)~ Thanksgiving
Week 48 (11/29)~ Winter
Week 49 (12/6)~ Favorite thing(s)
Week 50 (12/13)~ Tis the Season
Week 51 (12/20) ~ Christmas
Week 52 (12/27) ~ Resolutions

So, this will be fun!!!  Who's gonna join me?!
Oh, yeah, if you want to join me ~ comment here and introduce yourself!  Looking forward to it!


Amy said...

Thank you Tara for hosting this!!!! I am so excited to get started. I am Amy K and photography is a passion of mine. Now to get busy creating.

Lishak said...

If I can organize myself, I would love to join in! Could you also post a link in FB every now and then as a reminder? I'm on FB 100x more than my blog reader these days! lol

bebe said...

I'm in! I need to get my camera going!

Tara McCoy said...

Yay, Amy and Lishak ~

I will definitely post the links on fb for everyone! Cannot wait!

Melissa Cumbee said...

I'd like to join in! Thanks Tara!!!

Jesselee Camuglia said...

Sounds like fun! Not sure how to do the link thing, so if u are willing to walk me through it, sounds great. :) thanks.

Briant Buckner said...

I think this sounds like lots of fun! Count me in. My name is Selena and my husband Briant and I own a photo company called Brialena Photography.

Melissa Cumbee said...

How & where do we post out pictures? I'm confused, sorry.

Tara McCoy said...

Hi, all! Tara here. I thought I had it all figured out ~ and apparently I didn't. So, what I did was start a group on fb ~ I am hoping you all have fb ~ which I believe you do. I will add who I know and
here's the link of that group so please request to join.
plus, this way no one has to upload to photo hosting sites before trying to post the pictures! And we can all see them immediately. I will post all the information there!
How does that sound to everyone?
It is a closed group so posts can only be seen by those in the group.
I'm so sorry ~ I am not as tech savvy, as I thought :D