Monday, January 7, 2013


A gift isn't some extravagant present gifted on birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.  We all get gifts.  Every single day of our lives.  But, so often, we overlook or ignore them.  At least, I do.  Or I get frustrated by those gifts and roll my eyes and go "Woe is me".

We get these gifts, but are we really truly grateful for each of those gifts?  I know I'm not.  And I see this reflected in my children's lives and hearts.  And of all things, that is not the thing I wanted to pass on to my children.

So, I have decided that I was going to take the Joy dare and count 1,000 gifts this year.  Most days, I will count 3 gifts a day, sometimes more, but hopefully no less than 3.  And I am wanting to make the search for the common, everyday graces a habit.  That is my resolution for this year.

This radical idea is based on One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I am in the process of doing the devotional and I read her blog A Holy Experience every day.  Her writing gets to my deepest longings and makes me think and re-evaluate who GOD wants me to be!

So, come with me on this journey.  I won't commit to posting all of them on my blog.  But, I will share my journey and of course some of my gifts with you!  Every day graces.  Every day gifts.  All from the magnificent Heavenly Father!!!

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