Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

I have so many thoughts jumbled up in my head ~ things I need to do, things I want to blog about, house chores ~ all that kind of stuff!

I'm working on  a post that goes along with my last one, but Jesse said I needed to wait and make sure I didn't sound angry when I wrote it.  Hmmm, ME?! sound angry?!?!?!  NEVER.  ;)  Hahaha, yeah right!

Anywho, so I'm working on my non-angry post but this one isn't it.  No, it isn't an angry post :D  It's about our weekend!

I love the job that Jesse has.  He works every other weekend.  So we get to spend 3 full days with our favorite person in the whole wide world!
This weekend, we had a ton of fun!  On Friday, we went to a local pumpkin farm/apple orchard.  We walked through the almost muddy pumpkin patch and picked out our own pumpkins.  I have never done that before!  It was fun.  I called that our field trip.  The boys only did half a day of school work for the day ~ which they were excited about!
Anywho ~ while in the patch, the boys kept picking up pumpkins and putting them in our wagon.  If we would've been charged with what we put in the wagon we would've owed them somewhere's around $300!  They enjoyed picking out their pumpkins!

Later that night, I talked the guys into taking me to the Carousel mall!  That is a fete in and of itself!  But they went willingly.  Of course it helped knowing the mall would only be opened for a couple hours at most.  :D

On Saturday, we had a lazy day.  Then later that night, we carved our pumpkins!  In our house, the favorite cartoon is Phineas and Ferb.  Gunner's favorite character is Perry the Platypus.  So we carved those 3 ~ Phineas, Ferb, and Perry!  Xavier did Phineas all by himself, well, with a little help from dad when he cut something that wasn't suppose to be cut, but it all worked out.  Gunner and I painted 2 little pumpkins.  Tucker and I did the Phineas, and Jesse did Perry for Gunner.

Then on Sunday, we went to church like normal, then after lunch I napped ~ can you hear the angels singing :D ~ and then we went to church again, which is not normal for us.  Our church doesn't really have a "sunday night service".  But Sunday they were doing a Worship concert ~ and it was TOTALLY awesome!  It is so nice to be going to a church what I can lift my hands while worshipping my Saviour.  And I can wear pants and dance if I want to!   It was AWESOME!  I cannot tell you how awesome it was.  We have some AWESOME worship leaders in our church.  I'm blessed to have found this!

Anywho ~ I will try to post pictures later tomorrow ~ If I'm still alive.  I have a horrible cold/congestion/sore throat.  UGH.  It's awful, but somehow, I think I will probably survive!

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