Saturday, October 29, 2011

'Tis the season

No, I'm not talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas (although, it is that time of year too).  But I am talking politics.  I usually don't do that here.  I follow other blogs who are political.  I follow people on facebook that are politically driven.   Almost everyone I follow on twitter are politicals.  I try to keep twitter to politics.  And on facebook, I tend to vent frustrations over all the failed policies and slimy individuals who are either in office or wanting to be in office.
You know, I just want to vote for someone who is genuine.  Who knows what they believe, will stand by it.  Don't waver.  If you truly have undergone a fundamental change in your beliefs ~ AWESOME.  But don't try to "change" and then be devious about it.  For crying out loud ~ stop redacting things from books so you won't have a "trail".  That just makes you look slimy, and to me, like you have a bigger agenda than you want us to think.
I know I will not agree 100% with any candidate.  BUT, what I do expect from a candidate is transparency, honesty, and realness.  There are some things in my candidate that I have to see ~ Strong prolife stance.  And when I say prolife, I mean it.  No qualifying statements "Unless, xyz, then it's okay."  Either you oppose abortion, or you don't.  That is wavering.  A child is a child, a life is a life, no matter how it was conceived.
Another issue that I look closely at, is what their stand on the constitution?  And are they going to uphold the entire constitution?  Or are they going to just "flip it off" once they get the office?  Are they going to listen to "We the People" or are they going to institute their own agenda, regardless of how we feel about it?  Are they going to remember that they do work for "We the People" and do it with humility, or are they going to try to make us their subjects?  That is why our founding fathers signed away their lives and fortunes, to free us from such tyranny.
And the last issue that I consider when saying 'I could vote for this person' is their stance on Israel.  If they don't consider Israel worth dying for, then I don't consider this person qualified or good enough for my vote.
This country in the last several years has taken a turn with which I don't like.  Our elected officials have forgotten they are civil servants, they work for us, not their agenda.  They have forgotten that what they do needs to be for the good of the country, not their agenda's.  They need to consider sacrificing some of their pride, step down and maybe vote themselves a pay cut.  Some of the richest people in America work in the House and Senate.  And to me, that is just wrong.  We need to get America back to it's roots.  I like the quote by Alexis de Tocqueville:  "America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great."

We need to get back to being a great nation.  No, not by executive orders, not by "health care initiatives".  Not by teleprompters.  No.  We need to get back to the greatness of America by again becoming good.  

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