Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Warning: Rant ahead :D

You know, I have seen this a few places (blogs and fb) lately ~ this last one really set me off.  It's called a frumps to pumps challenge.   She said, our last get dressed challenge and our hubby's and kids loved it so lets do it again. 
Let me tell ya.  I'm dressed every day.  Some days, and this happens ALOT in the winter, I just don't happen to get out of my pj's.  But, I'm dressed. 
Some days, I don't get my shower in.  I'm up, feeding my guys, cleaning the kitchen, educating those children, researching education stuff, cooking, making menus, or a plethora of other housewifey things.  So sorry if I don't pull out my silk tea lengthy dress, put on my pearls and heels, lace apron, with my perfectly coiffed hair.  SORRY. 
Most days my wardrobe consists of sweats, t-shirts (maybe the one I woke up in) and socks and slippers.  Makeup doesn't touch my face, unless I'm going out.  It's more of a 'why waste it'.  I DO put deoderant and perfume on.  And I do brush my teeth.  And maybe brush my hair. 
But the nice thing about it is.  My guys ~ all 4 of them ~ don't care that I don't do the June Cleaver look.  Usually if I get dressed in something more than sweats, questions like "Where you going mom?" comes up!  They like me for who I am.  I'm glad I don't have to be fancy schmancy all the time.  I'm glad I can wear grubby clothes.  My family is happy, healthy, and well fed. 
But I just get sick and tired of women trying to make women feel that they have to pull a June Cleaver.  They need to remember that June Cleaver wasn't real.  She had people doing her hair, and her makeup.  I bet when June Cleaver walked off the set, and went home, I bet her family had pb&j sandwiches and bowls of cereal for dinner (or the equivalent back then) or had a personal chef. 
Let me just tell you, in case you have a crisis of all these voices calling for women to be June Cleavers ~ as long as your hubby and kids are happy with pj's, slippers and fresh faces ~ then THAT'S OKAY! 
Be you ~ and if that means, in the morning you change from your jammies you slept in to your "daytime jammies" THEN GO FOR IT!  BE YOU!  Because you were made by an AWESOME God.  HE made you to be who you are.  And remember,  Eve wore a sheepskin jacket ~ probably the same one ~ many days before she washed it.  So, if you get to change your shirt every now and then, then you’re good to go!
Anywho ~ That’s all :D

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Anonymous said...

eh...i'm somewhere on the middle ground on this. i don't think i need to look like june cleaver. but i do find that I'm more productive if i'm actually dressed (by dressed I don't include pj's). it's not so much a matter of appearance as it is a mindset. when i'm in pj's my mind & body go into "relax mode" when i'm fully dressed I get into "work mode" more easily. i'm hit or miss with the makeup even when i go out. i'm sitting at my desk at work at the moment with a naked face.
Having said that, I've heard it recommended, especially if your hubby works in a professional setting with professionally attired women, that at least on occasion he come home to a well put together wife and i tend to agree with this to an extent. i don't think put together means looking like Mrs. Cleaver, but something a little more flattering than jammies. men are visual. as much as we don't like to admit it, they are. and on an occasion (other than for going out) it's possibly a good idea to occasionally dress up (or just get out of pj's) for your hubby & not only when you're going out to be seen in public. should he value you more/less based on what you're wearing? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Should he demand that you wear certain attier - uh...no (even if he demands sweats! LOL!) But I also don't see anything wrong in encouraging one another to, on occasion, 15 years into marriage, put the same care into our appearance as we did when we were dating. (how many dates did you go on in sweats? even if your date was just to watch a movie at home?)
Life happens though. babies spit up. kids don't sleep at night. they get sick. dinner spills. kids rub runny noses on our shoulders & sleeves. i'm not fixing dinner in a june cleaver dress every day. little boys want their mommies to wrestle them in the leaves. i'm certainly not gonna play ball outside in my pumps & i'm not telling the kids that I can't play ball because I have to look nice just to hang out with them. I guess i just think that this is another area, along with much of life, where we could use some balance.
Lisa Conley