Friday, October 28, 2011


Today, is just a half day of school for us.  We are ahead ~ which is a new feeling for us!  And it feels so nice!  Xavier has one more test to do for the quarter.  So, he is doing that today, and then writing a book report.   Tucker is working on reading (what's new?!) and writing his spelling words.

But it's the weekend!  I LOVE THE WEEKEND.  But, then again, who doesn't!  I'm feeling kinda froggy too, so, I am hoping to get quite a bit done.  But, I decided to sit down and just blog for a few minutes!

You know, I just love my guys.  I know I haven't always been the best mom.  But, I love that my kids love me, even though I make some MASSIVE blunders in my mothering!  We have such fun together.  Like just this morning, they begged me to turn on some Christmas music.  I balked at the idea ~ I mean, sheesh, it's not even halloween yet.  But, Xavier started singing one and I absently started singing with him.  I kinda messed up the words though.  We were singing "Christmas Christmas time is near, time for joy and time for......."  Now, the word that came next is supposed to be cheer, but I was doing a couple things along with singing, so I said FEAR.  Which made Xavier stop completely and said "FEAR?!  What's to fear about Christmas?!  Mom, oh my word"  Which launched all three of us into peals of laughter and our best immitation of Smegel on Lord of the Rings "my precious"  Kiddies, it's Christmas time, be afraid, be very afraid, my precious!  Oh, my guys are so wonderful!

This weekend, is Jesse's weekend off.  And for the first time in what seems like forever {in actuality, it's only been a few weeks}, we haven't had anything 'planned'.  The only plans are to stay home, clean, and organize!  Jesse has to work on his car to get it ready for inspection.  But otherwise, it's just gonna be us doing not much!

Halloween is Monday, but Jesse works.  So, because I hate doing things like that without him, I talked to the guys and asked if they minded not trick or treating this year.  They were a little disappointed, until I said in lieu of that I would make some brownies, I would buy a load of candy and we would play games all night.  That made them scream with joy.  Costumes are stinkin' expensive, and we usually wind up tossing half the candy they get because no one likes it.  So, this year, taking some of the $$ we would use on costumes, I just bought the candy we all like, and that is that.  I didn't realize how much candy I bought until I brought it home and tried to put it away in our candy jar.  OMG ~ I think I spent like $3000 on candy.  Not really, but you get the jist :D

So, here I sit occasionally saying, do your work, listening to Christmas music, and thinking of all the projects I want to get done today.  What are your plans for halloween?  Do you trick or treat, or do you do harvest festivals?  Or do you just shut the shades and have family time?  What are your kids going to be for halloween if you are into that sort of thing?  Gunner wanted to be Buzz lightyear, Tucker wanted to be a Transformer, and Xavier was going to go as a baseball player!  But, now we are just planning on wearing orange and black and playing Star Wars monopoly.  Fun Fun!

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karajwardell said...

We're going to take Aria out this year and see how it goes. Josh wasn't thrilled about the idea, until I mentioned that Aria is too little to eat candy yet, which means we get it all. Now, I think he's rather excited :)