Friday, December 4, 2009

So, maybe there's hope!

I did get to go out today ~ but I wouldn't say the masses were teaming!!!!!!!! It was great fun. I made it to all the stores I intended to and Gunner was great. Tucker, not so much ~ he kept saying that shopping so long made his tummy sick. JUST LIKE A MAN.
But I got almost all of my shopping done. I just have a couple things left to get the boys ~ I tried to sneak in a few things, but Tucker is one vigilant little booger. So, that didn't happen!
Tucker got to talk to Santa. He even told him a few things he wanted, and since Xav wasn't there, he told Santa what Xav wanted.
Santa made magic happen ~ he "wrote" down what the guys wanted and magically the labelled list disappeared to the North Pole. Then Santa sang Jingle Bells with them and it was great. Gotta say he was one of the best Santa's I have ever seen. That's saying something cause I've known a few REALLY good ones!!!!!!!!
Tucker was quite enchanted with Santa. Him and Xav informed me last night that they would always believe in Santa. I doubt that, but it makes me so happy that they believe in Santa. Heck, I truly believe with all my heart that Santa is real! Santa makes the holiday seem even more magical and I love the innocence it brings out in the kids. I know that Santa isn't the reason for Christmas. And I emphasize with my kids that it is all about celebrating God's greatest GIFT. Jesus Christ.
My favorite authors Brock and Bodie Thoene are writing a series of books (well, it's almost done now) called the AD Chronicles and books 4, 5, & 6 all are about the events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus. It's the Nativity story and it is awesome. You should read it sometime! It makes the story of Christ's birth more real. I love it!
Anywho ~ I am starting to be less bah humbug and more Merry CHRISTmas. I had an enjoyable time today! Now, I can't wait to get our tree tomorrow and be able to truly be DONE with my christmas decorating and move on to more important things like baking a zillion cookies!!!!!!!!!
With Christmas Love and wishes!!!!!!


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