Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's almost Christmas ~

Are you done shopping yet? Are you prepared for the meal for Christmas?

I ask these questions simply because I am not done with either.

My parents are here for Christmas. I'm psyched about that. Enjoying having them here. Before they got here, mom and I decided to do a lovely prime rib roast for Christmas dinner, and that we would buy it when she got here. Well, we looked and a roast is $50. Uh, no thanks. So, I have been trying to figure out what to do. It's a dilemma!!!!!! I think I've settled on a Christmas brunch. Don't think my dad is thrilled with that, but I think that would be something special and it's a great tradition to start! Christmas brunch! So now, I'm trying to figure out what all to get. We are going grocery shopping a little later to finish it up.

I'm all done shopping for gifts, just have to get a few stocking stuffers stuff! Then it's to start wrapping.
I've been feeling rather scrooge-ish and just can't wait for the holidays to be over with. It's rather a disgusting feeling, but I just can't seem to snap out of it. But I suppose if this is truly the first time I've felt like this, then that's an accomplishment~!~

I am looking forward to being with almost all of our extended family this Christmas. A nice change from last year, but then again we were with our dear friends for Christmas and New years. Framily, really. I think I'm kinda homesick for them which may be the reason for my scrooge-y feeling!!!! Now, it's time to adjust to the new normal in our lives! The first holidays after major changes are weird and hurt sometimes.

We are going over to my husbands aunt's house for Christmas eve dinner and then on Christmas morning, we will open presents at our house then have our brunch and then around 11-ish we'll make way over to my inlaws for presents there. Jesse has to work that day ~ which sucks, but he will get holiday pay, so that's nice ~ so in the evening, we will again go over to my inlaws for dinner. The boys are very excited. I hope my parents won't mind being at my inlaws so much!

So, that is our plans ~ what are your plans? I do love to hear about everyone's traditions ~ and I may just steal them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave a comment!!!!!
Love you all very much. Have a very merry and Blessed Christmas!!!!!!!


julie said...

well WE will be with you for most of our Christmas this year! :) We'll be driving up tomorrow, so will be there for the Thursday night dinner at MY inlaws...and we'll also be there the Christmas dinner at YOUR inlaws :) looking forward to seeing ya'll and meeting your parents! very fun that they're here! hope that you find the perfect brunch menu!

and i can understand that scrooge-y feeling. i've definitely been there before. for me, this year is just snapping out of the whole "freaked out new mom" thing that i've got going on occasionally. thinking about having a place to go and nurse Levi every 3 hours can be slightly stressful... especially since the holidays are so busy up there every year! :) but it's fun... and i just need to CHILL.

see you tomorrow, tara!! :)

Kayte said...

I did a big brunch for a few years when my sister and brother and mom would come. We did stuffed french toast with apple cider syrup (really good and you do most of the work the night before which is great), orange julius, fried potatoes, bacon and fruit. This year I'm going more simple since it's just us and my mom.

Sorry it's been harder to get into the spirit his year! You don't show it! I wouldn't even know if I didn't read your blog! Holidays kinda stress me out a bit too. This year has probably been my best non-stressful year. Probably because I'm coping a "whatever" attitude! ;)