Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wow, I'm actually posting ~

I hope the shock of it all didn't kill you!

I personally have just been down lately, and just haven't really had the desire to post. What I would've posted about ~ well, it would've just depressed anyone and just made me look sad a pitiful, so I have slacked here so it wouldn't totally be a downer to EVERYONE!

Thanks to my husband's cousin's wife ~ well, I'll just say, my sweet friend Julie ~ you'll find her blog here:
Anyway ~ her blog post about meal planning (the link I posted) inspired me.
I'm going to try to post my weekly menu. I know I get tired of the same thing over and over again, and I'm sure some of my readers feel the same about their repertoire of meals they cook too ~ so I'm going to post my bi-weekly menu ~ and maybe just maybe I will be more faithful creating my menus. Thereby possibly actually sticking to some semblance of a budget. Plus, Jesse is *fingers crossed* going to be taking over the finances in our family for a little while. He usually is more apt to save than I am. I am a shopaholic, so to control the $$$$ side of things is sometimes laughable.
But, I digress ~ as usual :D
Now, another friend of mine ~ Kris ~ here's her blog ~ also posts her weekly menu. What she also does is (and she is one very busy chica) if she gets to around to it, she tries to post her weekly goals. And that has also inspired me to do this. I read her weekly goals, and menu plans and every single time I think, I NEED to do this.
She has awesome posts too. She encourages me as a mother ~ her oldest is in his preteens/almost teenager, and I value her insight and her desires to see her son become a man after God's own heart. She is experiencing these things before I am going to with my little men,so I really value hearing/reading her experience and Godly advice she gives! Kris ~ if you read this ~ I admire and look up to ya! Love ya, girl!

So, anywho here goes. Yes, it's Thursday, so this week I will only post one week of daily menu's. Well, I will start from Tuesday when I read Julies post (Thanks, Julie ~ love you!) I'll post recipes on each day too ~ In case any of you want any of them! I will. I promise!

Daily Menu’s

Sausage Penne ~ Salad
Help yourself
Chinese baked spare ribs, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes (or rice?)
Chicken Steak ~ Black Beans & Rice
Tuna Noodle Casserole and Corn
Steak ~ baked Potatoes ~ salad
Hamburgers and French fries

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According to Kris... said...

just read this post-thx for your words of encouragement! I admire you too. Any woman who can mother 3 boys always amazes me! xoxox