Friday, January 14, 2011

Today's Recipe ~ ala cuban flare

Tonight, I am making Chicken steak. This is kinda my own concoction. It is a favorite around here. And even asked for! This has a cuban flare to it ~ as we fell in love with cuban food living in South Florida. All we are missing is fried sweet plantains!

So, for dinner tonight we are having Chicken steak and Black beans and white rice.

Chicken Steak:

Boneless chicken breasts sliced in half ~ sometimes I use chicken tenders if that is all I have

Then I take a Stove top Stuffing (chicken flavored) and the zest of 2 lemons and their juice, and put it all in the food processor (I add the juice a little at a time) and zip it all up fine. The juice makes the crumbs stick together more

Then I beat about 4 eggs with lemon juice, salt and pepper

I take the chicken, dip it in the eggs then coat with the stuffing crumbs. (prior to this, I beat the sliced breasts really thin, so it doesn't take too long to cook)

I then pan fry in oil that garlic cloves and lemon zest has been in (to lend it a garlic-y/lemon-y flavor ~ then I remove the garlic cloves)
And I just fry until they are golden brown then flip.

For the black beans and rice, I just use the boxed Goya stuff. I put it in the rice cooker ~ it's just easier that way.

So, there is dinner for tonight ~
Gotta run and flip my chicken!

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According to Kris... said...

I love anything with stove top stuffing! Adding this one to my book! Thx!