Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 2

Wow, it's hard to believe that we are already into week 2 with school. Life has truly been a whirlwind of non stop activity it seems.

So far, Xavier has more work/homework than he can truly appreciate. I'm glad though, cause he needs all practice he can get ~ his 2 problem areas this year will be his penmanship ~ that took a severe hit last year and ABeka is very very strict with their grading of penmanship ~ and math. When you watch the videos, they do oral combinations, which means the teachers says something like 9+5-8x3-2/4= then those kids on video blurt out the answer (the answer is 4). But while Xav is still stuck trying to figure out what 9+5= they have already answered and on the next question. I think 3rd grade was a key year that we really just crippled Xavier with not having him do. And I feel bad about that. But, he is starting to get quicker. It only needs time and practice. Also with Math they have speed drills they have to do, but poor lil man only usually gets like 3 done before time is up. I feel badly for him, but he is just gonna have to get used to it. If any of my teacher friends have any good advice to help with his math issues ~ I'm open to suggestions. Oh, yeah and another thing he has a hard time with is keeping up with them in spelling/poetry/verse recitation. He seems like he lags, but I just have to keep telling him not to go back and "get" the words/letters he missed, but keep moving on and he's finally catching on.

Tucker, who before school even started would cry and say how scared he was, has now decided that he LOVES school. His video teacher, Mrs. Bere, does such an awesome job making it exciting for them. I only hope that he can get how to write in cursive. They start out with little i then move on to little u; he did awesome with little i but the little u is giving him a run for his money. he wants to just straight lines not the curvey, bounce off the floor touch the ceiling bounce off the floor, fluid movements. So that is his challenge. But other than writing, he loves it.

Gunner ~ oh, that little demon child. He's totally full of it. He is so full of sweetness and love one minute, the next he is full blown wild ornery and evil. Just the other day, I couldn't find his sippy cups ANYWHERE, so I was forced to give him an open cup ~ which he does fine with, but has to stay on the table. So, I'm in the kitchen and look in the living room and he has his cup and I tell him "Gunner go put that cup on the table" and he looks at me with those beautiful eyes and gives me a look that says "you can't stop this" and deliberately and maliciously dumps the entire contents of the cup of chocolate milk on my carpet. Then gets this smug look on his face of "how do you like me now". OH.MY.WORD. That child got his tiny hiney whupped. But not even an hour later, he did it the exact same way with Tucker's cup. Oh, that child is gonna be such a handful as he gets older. Oy vey. He's lucky he's my last cause if he'd have been my first, there never would've been any more.

Jesse is supposed to start working at the VA Police in Syracuse on September 13th. He had his psych eval yesterday and passed. I'd say with flying colors, but, he didn't do so hot on the timed bubble test. As a matter of fact during his interview with the psychologist, he was asked if he was in any "special classes" in school. Today, he is getting his physical done and we are just keeping his fingers crossed that his normally outrageously high blood pressure is at least in an acceptable range.

And me, I'm just here, cleaning, and cooking, and homeschooling. I'm blessed with my life. I finally found my book again "Lies women believe" by Nancy Leigh Demoss and have picked it up again and am reading it. as always, I'm blessed by it. One lie that I have found that I tell myself all the time is I don't have time to do everything I'm supposed to do. She says that we as women try to do everything, and we run ourselves ragged and get so busy. And that is Satan's goal. To keep me so busy that I forget the important things in life. I'm here to do what God has called me to do. As a woman, I try to do it all, but in so doing, I usually put the important stuff on the back burner. So, I'm trying to simplify my life and listen and figure out what things in my life GOD wants there and what things I want there and doing my best to cut back on my wants and build my desire for what God wants me to do. I love this study it is so convicting and I have found and picked it right up where I really needed it lately. I just LOVE how God works! Isn't HE awesome!?!?!

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Jodi said...

I don't understand- Did Xavier do 2nd last year and is now doing 4th, or did you not do school last year? Or what?
Are they enrolled in the ABeka Academy?
I think you're missing some parentheses on that math problem.