Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hopefully life can slow down a little ~

We have been back from Galesburg for less than a week and our life is still pretty hectic with unpacking, working, and getting the house ready for 2 classrooms next week.
Jesse got word that he is gonna be starting in Syracuse as a police officer at the VA next month, but in the in between, he has doctor appointments, psych evals, physicals, and overtime scheduled at Rome Labs.

I ended up having to resign my position. My boss was getting really very snooty about having to "accomodate" me so much, and since Jesse was going to be going here, there, and everywhere, and not home much, I had to quit. We start school Monday, so we have to have some sort of schedule around here. And my boss wasn't going to be willing to work around what i needed him to. I don't blame him, but my husbands job always ALWAYS trumps any part time work I do. So that was that.

We had an awesome time in Illinois. We left around 9 pm Wednesday evening and drove through the night. We were allowed to check into our hotel early and we were there at 10:30 am. So really it was only about a 14 hour trip and that was nice. Jesse did a great job driving through the worst part of the night. I finished the driving from about 6 am on. And Jesse *tried* to sleep. He doesn't sleep well when I drive, he claims I'm a bad driver. But let me tell ya ~ while in the police academy, he took defensive driving, and he drives like a cop on a high speed chase ALL. THE. TIME. So, he needs to not even want to go there :D

So, we called and arranged to have my sister meet us with my mom at pizza hut for lunch and we were able to surprise my mom by being there a day early. Then we went out, got my dad out of work a couple hours early and he was TOTALLY surprised. It was great. I have never seen my dad speechless before. And I still don't think it totally set in!
My mom, sister Dawn, and I were busy little bee's trying to get the last minute things done for the surprise party on that Saturday.
It was awesome. He was again speechless, and just totally enjoyed his party. Of course, it was hard to actually get him to sit down and eat, but he never does at hardly any function! Always the servant!
And the whole time, we were able to spend alot of the time and I think every evening in the hotel pool with my nephews and whatever miscallaneous family happened to be there. It was truly one of the best vaca's ever ~ got to spend time with my family, got to shop a little, and swam ALOT! I think the boys are still pruny!!!!!!
So, that is what we did last week ~ and tomorrow is Sunday and the start of another new week, and beginning of school. I'm excited and so is Xavier. I will do my best to keep updating my blog. I will be initiating LOTS of new habits (at least I hope they will become habits) into our daily scheduling and I'm super excited to see what God has in store for us. I'll post pix soon!

Love you all!

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