Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm grateful for.....................

computers! I do everything with it! But, ours crashed and before I was able to back everything up, it went into a complete system restore, and I "lost" everything. I was SO upset. Pictures of when Gunner was a baby, halloween's, holidays, little everyday things. LOST. Documents ~ resumes, scanned military docs, and a various amount of stuff. LOST. Or, so I thought. Jesse's cousin Eric told us there is still hope, just search for specific titles and lo, and behold ~ pix popped up, documents popped up. WE still HAVE THEM!!!!!! Now, I'm just trying to back it all up and get it all done before the 'puter dies finally! It seems the computer is fixed after the restore, we just have to reinstall EVERYTHING again and try to get all the updates again. But I'm grateful to have it back up!!!!!!!

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