Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm grateful for........

How do I narrow it down to just one????????????

Today, I'm very grateful that I have a warm place to sleep and live. Well, it would be warm if I could every bring myself to turn the heater on!!!!!! It's been damp and chilly, {and though, when I sit and shiver I sometimes catch myself longing for balmy South Florida,} but I am enjoying it. Now, I just wish someone would produce a autumn cd so I could listen to my autumn cd and get a mug of warm apple cider and curl up in a blanket and read.
I'm grateful that my apartment is cozy and that we are so very happy in it. It may be small and we don't have all our furniture with us, we are surviving! And it's nice to know that my apartment is not only owned by my husbands grandmother, but her mother used to live in it, Grampa Berg picked out the carpet for this apartment, Jesse's mom lived here before she got married and picked out the cabinets and hardware and made a very trendy "wall" separating the kitchen and dining. It is like a family heirloom. Now my kids are living in a place where several family members have lived. Kinda neat history.
I'm just thankful that we have such a nice place to live!

Ta ~

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