Thursday, September 23, 2010

Four Weeks

That's all it's been.
It's so hard to believe. I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Christine is gone. Sometimes, I still just sit and weep knowing that my children will no longer be able to spend time with her. The holidays are forever gonna be altered. Our lives are just irrevocably changed. And it hurts to have had this part of our lives ripped apart. But, it just makes me ever more grateful for the promise of Heaven.

In this last month, this song has been going through my head and my heart.

Knowing You'll Be There

The other day I passed the place,
You always liked to go
And I picked up the phone because,
I thought you'd want to know.
But I forgot you weren't there,
I miss you all these days.
That I'm reminded of your smile
And the funny things you'd Say.
I see you most at christmas, you were like, a little kid
You always loved a good surprise, and now I must admit,
That I long more for Heaven than I ever did before
You give me one more reason, and each day I want it more.

Knowing we can spend a life time reminiscing on the past,
Knowing I will see your face again where tender moments last
it makes me wanna go there
Knowing I wont be alone
Kowing you'll be there
Mkes it easy to go home

You left a group of fishermen
Somehow, you left me too
Though I have felt you many times,
I know you saw me through
I always long to feel your arms
And look into your eyes,
And talk foever me and you
Somewhere in paradise

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