Monday, October 4, 2010

Trying to get back to normalcy

That's all.
We have been so busy. Not like that is a shocker. On Monday morning, Jesse's gramma Berg passed on to glory. We miss her, but one of his cousins remarked when they were here for Christine's funeral, that Gramma Berg hasn't really been Gramma for quite a while. Heaven was pretty much her longing. So we celebrated that she got her true hearts desire.
At her funeral, Jesse's dad made the comment at how surprised Gramma must've been when she got to heaven to be greeted by Christine. She probably asked "How did you get here before me?" Dave also said that it would be just like Christine to have been up in heaven lobbying for her mother to be loosed from her chains of this life.
We are so happy that Gramma is with her Sonny and Christine. Not that we aren't jealous. But, oh, what a family reunion that awaits us. I CAN'T WAIT!

I gotta say, I didn't expect to cry like I did at her funeral. Yes, we miss her, but she has been longing for heaven, and she has been suffering for 10 years, it was a relief to see her at peace. But I think that we are still raw with grief over our loss of Christine. And we are jealous that Gramma gets to be with her. We still miss Christine so acutely. Her absence is still so hurtful for me. Tears still fall almost once a day. Some days more than that. But, we are just putting one foot in front of the other.

Because of all that has went on the past month and a half, we are severely behind in our school work. We are about 9 days behind. The goal is to, when Jesse is gone for a few weeks, to do make up days on Saturdays. And hopefully by Christmas break, we will only be a few days behind and can make it up then.
As I am typing this, I am sitting in Tucker's class listening to him quote his Bible verses, and sing his songs of praise to Christ. And Gunner is sitting on the couch eating some dry cereal and he sings along with Tucker. It is so precious. I can hear Xavier doing the same in his room. WOW. What an utter blessing it is to have my kids love singing and worshipping God. It's such an awesome thing hearing them quote their verses. It is a blessing to see them do their best to serve God. I'm blessed to have little men who desire to do what God wants them to do. And I'm so grateful. Now, don't get me wrong, most days, they fight and gripe about cleaning their rooms. BUT .......they try.
They love to help around the house. They have both decided that they want to be able to do laundry for me. So they come down and help me. And they don't mind vacuuming for me. But to clean their room, it's a chore! But, they do have a servant's heart and I'm grateful for that.

So, anywho, we are just trying to get back to normal around here. I gotta work on getting up earlier, but that is something different in and of itself!
sorry for the ramblings!

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