Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

No, seriously, this is a post on this Saturday Evening :D

You know, it seems like we are always so busy, but then we get to the end of the week and look back, and see that it doesn't seem like ANYTHING got done! Such a horrible feeling, but that's life.

I've decided I was gonna get on some sort of schedule. To include menu's and cleaning! And I think if I have my checklist checked off ~ be it a physical list or mental to do list ~ I think that just MAYBE I will feel a little more successful in my day in day out life.

There's so much that I have to post about, but at this moment am unable to do so, whether it be from lack of time, or that it's a private family matter. I just want so badly to be able to just blog about it all! But, maybe in time, things will work themselves out.

We are doing good. Jesse is enjoying his job, but doesn't feel as fulfilled in it as he would like to be. He truly misses being a "real cop" (his words, not mine). But, doesn't mind the job he has as it's a job, and he pretty much gets to watch tv and get paid to do so! He is by all means not complaining about actually having a job! I told him the other day as I finally got him to help me get some cleaning going in the house that since I know what he does all evening, I don't feel bad one iota to ask him to wash a dish or two! Man, does he ever have a great job! I sure do wish I could log my tv time and get paid for it!!!! J/K. I wouldn't make much these days!

Xavier is doing well in school. He can't wait to be done, but what kid can!!!!
Tucker is dreading the thought of school next year. So I think it may just be a struggle with him. I'm considering taking him to the doctor and asking about speech therapy as we have been working with him and can't quite seem to get him to pronounce his words like he should. He gets quite frustrated with us, and sometimes I hate pushing him that hard. But know I have to. Which is why it would be great to get him in therapy.
Gunner, boy, is that kid a pistol. I told him that the other day, and wise guy Xav said And that's why his name is Gunner. *Epiphany* Crap, I did this to my kid! You know they say that kids grow into their names. I wasn't fully expecting that! His first name and middle initial is Gunner E. As in Gunnery Sgt. I hoped that would be a good ........uh, er,......... omen (? ~ not really that superstitious) for a future military career, but apparently, it just means that he's going to be a handful and full of energy while young!!!!!!!! He wears me out, that one! I have my days that I say ~ "Child, you drive the desire for any more kids far FAR away", but then, there are those other days where when I escape to the bathroom ( yes, I do just go in there to close the door and expect some semblance of privacy, but rarely do I get it from him) just to sit on the closed toilet and read a riveting book and he comes barreling in dragging his favorite blankie, grinning from ear to ear and waving like a madman. When he gets to me, he'll do an about face, back up into my legs and expect to sit on my lap and be read to. TTTOOOOOO SUPER DUPER CUTE. But I never read to him (well, there anyways), and I just breathe a heavy LOUD sigh of resignation and leave the quiet of that room and go take care of everything else in the house! And usually will wind up playing with him! He is so frustratingly adorable!
And then there's me. I've been wanting for some time to start making stuff and having my own primitive country decor store. So I've been practicing my painting. And I gotta say, I'm pretty much talentless in that area. But I always have fun with Xav and Tuck cause when I buy paint supplies for me, I buy for them too, and after the redheaded pistol gets put to bed, we have craft painting parties! It's fun! They pretty much do better than me! But I'm not jealous!
Anywho...................That's pretty much all that is going on in the McCoy family, well, about all I can share right now!
I think I may just well indulge myself tonight and go eat several scoops of ice cream and a few dozen sugar cones! TTYL!


According to Kris... said...

Hey Tara-I would love for you to post your cleaning schedules and menu plans! It's always helpful to see how others get it done!

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

I will do that!